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How do you reset a polar flow watch?

How do you reset a polar flow watch?

To reset the watch to factory settings

  1. Go to and download and then install the Polar FlowSync data transfer software onto your computer.
  2. Connect your watch to the computer’s USB port.
  3. Open settings in FlowSync.
  4. Press the Factory Reset button.

How do I turn off my Polar Loop 2?

​Turn flight mode OFF

  1. Wear Polar Loop 2 on your wrist. Touch and hold your finger on the button for 2-3 seconds.
  2. When you see the airplane icon, release the button. → “OFF. FLIGHT MODE DEACTIVATED”

How do I sync my Polar Loop 2?

Follow these steps to sync your Android device:

  1. Start the Polar Flow app and it will start to scan for your activity tracker.
  2. Tap the button on your Polar Loop 2 to start the synchronization.
  3. When the sync is complete, the sync icon disappears and the activity clock view comes alive with your activity data:

How do I reset my Polar Vantage v2?

How do you reset a Polar Vantage v2?

To restart the watch On your watch, go to General settings > About your watch > Restart your watch. Press the OK button and then press OK again to confirm the restart.

What is flight mode on Polar watch?

Flight mode cuts off all wireless communication from your watch. You can still use it, but you can’t sync your data with the Polar Flow mobile app or use it with any wireless accessories.

How do I sync my Polar Loop 2 to my computer?

Plug your Polar Loop 2 into your computer with the USB cable. Make sure FlowSync software is running on your computer. The FlowSync window opens on your computer, and the syncing starts. Completed is displayed when you’re done.

How do I sync my Polar watch to my computer?

Go to, and download and install it before trying to sync.

  1. Plug your watch to your computer. Make sure FlowSync software is running.
  2. The FlowSync window opens on your computer, and the syncing starts.
  3. Completed is displayed when you are done.

How do I sync my Polar Loop 2 to my Iphone?

Get the App and Pair Your Polar Loop

  1. Download the app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play.
  2. Open the app and sign in with your Polar account. Wait for the Connect device pop-up to appear.
  3. Press the button on your Polar Loop to pair it with the app.
  4. Tap OK on your device to accept the pairing.

How do I change the time on my Polar loop 2?

If you change the time zone on your mobile device and sync the Polar Flow app with the Polar Flow web service and your Polar Loop 2, the time also changes on your activity tracker.

How do I connect my Polar loop to my computer?

Plug in your Polar Loop to your computer’s USB port with the custom USB cable to wake it up. The Polar-branded magnetic end of the cable snaps into place when it’s properly connected to your bracelet. Let your computer install any USB drivers if it suggests so.

What do you need to know about the polar loop?

Polar account is your ticket to all the Polar services out there for which you need to sign in: the Polar Flow web service, and the discussion forum. Select settings for your Polar Loop: Fill in your physical details.

How do I Charge my Polar loop bracelet?

Start synchronization by clicking Done and the settings will be synchronized between the bracelet and the service. When finished, the Polar Loop display will show a check mark and will change to charging symbol as it charges. Now, you can either charge your Polar Loop till it’s full or unplug it and start customizing the bracelet size.

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