How do you put lights in an unfinished basement?

How do you put lights in an unfinished basement?

If you want a hanging light, just put it somewhere that you don’t need to be.

  1. Flush Mount Lighting. One of the best ways to combine function and style is to pick a flush mount light.
  2. Track Lighting. Track lighting is arguably the best option for unfinished basements.
  3. Round LED Lights.
  4. String Lights.
  5. LED Light Bar.

How do you light a stairwell?

  1. Linear Step Lights. The revolutionary aspect of LED technology is key to many new stair-lighting techniques such as linear step lights.
  2. Treadlights.
  3. Illuminated Handrails.
  4. Up-Down Lights.
  5. Backlighting.
  6. Hidden Lights.
  7. Step Lights.
  8. Illuminated Newels.

How big should a stairwell light be?

One trick is to add the length and width of your room in feet and add them together. That total is the diameter your chandelier should be in inches. For example, let’s say your staircase is enclosed and the area is eight feet long and 20 feet wide. You would look for a chandelier that’s about 28 inches in diameter.

Can lighting unfinished basement?

Canarm Ltd. The James 4 bulb track light is a good option for lighting for unfinished basement ceiling. By mounting the fixture to the ceiling or the side of the joists, the lights won’t cut into the available head space. And the dark bronze color will blend nicely with the unfinished wood ceiling.

How do I put lights in my basement?

Here are several examples.

  1. Use Mirrors. Putting mirrors in strategic places is a smart strategy to reflect light inside your basement.
  2. Go With An All-White Wall.
  3. Maintain an Open Floor Plan.
  4. Install a Sun Pipe or Solar Tube.
  5. Glazed/Glass Doors.
  6. Build A Basement Light Well.

How do you light basement stairs?

1. Lighting The Basement Stairway From Above The Door – One smart way to get light onto your basement stairway is by installing a light on the wall above the door going down into the basement. Placing a light above the door can be an effective way to light all the way down a straight flight of stairs.

How do you lighten an unfinished basement?

The best way to make your unfinished basement feel complete is by adding accents and decor just as you would to any other room in your house. In addition to the basement ideas above, like hanging string lights and adding area rugs, bring in other details that will add warmth, texture, and ambiance.

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