How do you prepare for PPDT?

How do you prepare for PPDT?

There is no scope for an error while narrating so make sure you have prepared your story narration for PPDT beforehand. During group discussion, keep sitting straight and do not move back and forth, avoid touching and pointing others. Do not shout unless it is really required.

How can I improve my PPDT?

Prepare the outline of the story using three questions, what led to the situation, what is the present condition and how to overcome the problem. Do it sequentially and logically and keep the story compact. Write the story in past tense (always). Give an optimistic, encouraging and reasonable story.

How do you make a good PPDT story?

PPDT Narration Tips – Speak Loudly, be clear what you are trying to say. When you speak loud it shows you are confident enough. – While narrating the story, speak to the point because you might not get enough time to complete the whole story but you should make sure that you have narrated the gist of your story.

How do you write a good tat story?

Follow these tips to write an excellent story in TAT: First look at the background, see the setting of the story, e.g. rural/urban, market place/ building, etc, then closely observe the foreground and see how many characters are there, what are they holding/doing and what kind of work is going on.

How can I improve my story writing skill in Smash Bros?

6 Tips to Improve Your Writing SkillsRead Newspaper Daily – Reading newspaper gives the idea of how to write a better. Diary Writing Can Improve The Skills – The best way to improve your writing skills is to start writing diary. Keep The Mind Focused While Writing – Your mind should be in a fluent path and should be ready to put thoughts in sequence.

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