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How do you pair a monster Bluetooth Speaker 100?

How do you pair a monster Bluetooth Speaker 100?

Press and hold down the button on the right side of ClarityHD Precision Micro Bluetooth Speaker until the light on the front starts blinking red and blue. This indicates that it is in pairing mode. to a device via 3.5 mm “AUDIo IN” input.

How do you pair a Bluetooth monster?

NFC Pairing (Android Devices)

  1. Enable NFC on the music device you wish to pair.
  2. Press the BLUETOOTH button to set the speaker to Bluetooth mode. The speaker will automatically enter pairing mode.
  3. Place your music device directly on the speaker’s NFC logo until paired.

How do I charge my monster speaker?

You can operate the speaker by battery instead of the USB AC adaptor by charging the speaker before use.

  1. Make sure that the speaker is turned off.
  2. Connect the USB AC adaptor (supplied) to the micro-USB cable (supplied).
  3. Connect the micro-USB cable to the DC IN 5V jack.
  4. Plug the USB AC adaptor to an AC outlet.

How do I reset my monster SuperStar Bluetooth speaker?

To reset all the Bluetooth pairing information, hold the Bluetooth button down for six seconds to delete all previous pairing information. The SuperStar charges via micro USB connected to your laptop.

How can I make my monster speaker louder?

In general, people can plug multiple speakers in the same room and that will generate more sound, of course. However, another way to make the sound amplify louder is to set the speaker in a corner or close to the corner. This can actually amplify the volume by 40 percent in the room.

Does Monster Audio have an app?

Control your Monster Outdoor Speakers with the all-in-one Monster Zone Control mobile app. Adjust settings, switch input sources, sync EZ-Play and TWS speakers, and change things up on the fly, all from your compatible smart device.

How long does it take to charge a monster speaker?

Full Charge – achieved in 7 hours while powered OFF – achieved in 15 hours while powered ON. POWER port to an external power source using the included power cord. DO NOT use the speaker’s AC Outlet port – it will not charge or power the speaker.

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