How do you make a footnote left to right?

How do you make a footnote left to right?

Go to the References tab and click on Show Notes. In the new window that appears below, open the drop-down menu labeled Footnotes and choose Footnote Separator. Now you can highlight the separator in the textbox below and align it to the right just like normal text. Right CTRL + SHIFT is the shortcut I believe.

How do you extend a footnote line?

Customize the separator line for your Word document’s footnotesOpen your document in Normal View.Go to View | Footnotes.Click the All Footnotes box arrow, and select Footnote Separator from the drop-down list.Click on the existing separator line and press [Delete].Go to Format | Borders And Shading.On the Borders tab, select the border you want from the Style list.

How do you move footnote separator lines?

Switch to Draft View and then click on Show Notes in the Footnotes section of the References tab of the ribbon and then from the dropdown in the Footnotes header bar, select Footnote Speparator and then with it selected, go to the Format Paragraph dialog and change the indent as required.

How do I change the spacing between footnotes in Word?

Once you’re in Draft view, go to the References tab then click Show Notes. Change the Footnotes setting from All Footnotes to Footnote Separator. Place your cursor at the end of separator line, then press Delete to remove the empty paragraph below. Click the X at the far right of the Footnotes mini window to close it.

Where is footnote separator in Word 2016?

1 AnswerGo to View tab.Select “Draft” view option.Go to References tab.Select “Show Notes”Select “Footnote Separator” from the dropdown list.

How do you move footnotes in Word 2016?

To copy or move a footnote or endnote, follow these steps:Select the footnote or endnote reference mark in your document. If you are copying the note, press Ctrl+C. If you are moving the note, press Ctrl+X. Position the insertion point at the location where you want to copy the footnote or endnote.Press Ctrl+V.

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