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How do you calculate indicated power and brake power?

How do you calculate indicated power and brake power?

The total indicated power is calculated as follows….The power produced by each cylinder unit is given by P*L*A*N *2* π /60 kw., where :

  1. P is the mean effective pressure given in KN/M.
  2. L is the length of stroke given in.
  3. A is the area of bore of each cylinder given in M2.
  4. N IS the RPM measured from counter readings .

What is the relation between brake power and indicated power?

The difference between indicated power and brake power is as follows. First of all, by indicated power we mean GROSS indicated power, the total work done by gas on piston during compression and power strokes. The brake power is the power available at the dynamometer. The difference is called friction power.

What is the formula for IHP?

Calculate the horsepower nameplate rating of the motor, when the pump capacity is 550 gallons at 300ft pressure head, at 89 percent pump efficiency (η), and motor efficiency (η) is 92 percent. Step 4, Motor indicate horsepower (IHP) Motor IHP is equal to motor brake horsepower divided by the motor efficiency.

What is the formula for calculating indicated horsepower?

Since hp is defined as work done at the rate of 33,000 ft-lb per minute, the total number of ft-lb of work performed by the engine is divided by 33,000 to find the indicated horsepower.

What equation calculates brake power?

Formula for calculations of Break horsepower is BHP = (Torque × RPM )/5252,where torque is lb -ft and n = revolution per min.

What is brake power formula?

The power developed by an engine at the output shaft is called brake power and is given by Power = NT/60,000 in kW where T= torque in Nm = WR W = 9.81 * Net mass applied in kg.

What is indicated horsepower and brake horsepower?

In horsepower. … sizes, is often expressed as indicated horsepower, which is determined from the pressure in the cylinders. Brake or shaft horsepower is less than indicated horsepower by the amount of power lost to friction within the engine itself, which may amount to 10 percent or more of the indicated horsepower.

How do you calculate brake horsepower from a pump?

Brake horsepower (BHP) represents the rate at which energy is added to the fluid. It is calculated by (TDH x gpm x SG)/ (3960 x pump %). Let’s use the example of 175 gpm at a TDH of 70. The SG of the fluid being pumped is 0.95 and the efficiency from the manufacturer’s pump curve is 68 percent.

What is the unit of brake power?

N = 3550 divide by 30 times 1/2 = rps unit then the unit of brake power is in watts if the torque is in Nm.

Which is brake power and which is indicated power?

The power of engine which developed on crankshaft that power is called as brake power. Brake power is the power available at crankshaft.these brake power develop by engine at output shaft. Brake power and indicated power unit is same. Brake power is measured with help of dynamometer.

How is brake power related to mechanical efficiency?

The mechanical efficiency compares the amount of energy imparted to the pistons as mechanical work in the expansion stroke to that which actually reaches the flywheel or dynamometer. Thus it is the ratio of the brake power delivered by an engine to the indicated power. gross indicatedpower brake power m __ _ η = Engine Testing and Instrumentation7

What’s the difference between indicated power and friction power?

Difference between indicated power and brake power is called as friction power. Friction power Brake power and indicated power unit is same. In this lesson we learn about what is indicated power, Brake power, friction power with definition, formula, unit.

What is the formula for indicated horsepower ( Pi )?

Indicated Horsepower Formula Indicated power (Pi) = Pm * A * L * N Pm -Mean indicated pressure A – Area of Piston L – Length of stroke N-No.of power stroke/sec In this formula we know the values of A,L and N, Pm (mean indicated pressure) can be calculated by the use of engine indicator. Brake Horsepower (Bp) or Shaft Horsepower(Sp)

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