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How do StarCraft 2 tournaments work?

How do StarCraft 2 tournaments work?

A player’s trophy case By taking part in tournaments, players can win trophies and league icons. Upon winning a tournament, the player will be granted a 3D trophy with the league icon that’s associated with the tournament. Each trophy one collects will display the format type and time of the tournament where they won.

Is StarCraft an esport?

Following its launch, StarCraft II quickly turned into a successful esport, becoming the main feature of many leagues and circuits of ongoing tournaments with some of the largest prize pools in professional gaming.

How do I join a StarCraft 2 tournament?

How to Start a StarCraft 2 Tournament

  1. Discord Steps. From the main menu on the left, click on the “Create Tournament” button.
  2. web app Steps. From the main menu on the left, click on the “Create Tournament” button.

How do you qualify for CS Go tournaments?

Who can participate in CS:GO Tournaments? Anyone can participate, just register on our website and link your Steam account with the game to the created profile. Also, you must have prime status in CS:GO – i.e. you had to purchase CS:GO, or reach level 21 of the in-game profile.

Is StarCraft still competitive?

StarCraft II is an intensely competitive game, as are its counterparts in the world of RTS, and for fairly obvious reasons. Thankfully, there’s more excellent tutorial material out there for players new to the game than ever.

Who is the World Championship Series for Starcraft 2?

The StarCraft II World Championship Series (WCS) is a StarCraft II professional tournament series organized and sanctioned by Blizzard Entertainment. It combines the highest levels of professional StarCraft II competition.

How does crowdfunding work in Starcraft 2?

For its final two iterations as part of the WCS system, the former has had its prize pool crowdfunded, as did the Global Finals event for its final three iterations. This was done through the StarCraft II War Chest system, which allowed players to purchase cosmetic items in game with 25% of sales going towards funding the professional scene.

What was the prize pool for the 2017 WCS Global Finals?

The first event to have its prize pool increased was the 2017 WCS Global Finals, which received $200,000, the targeted amount, within the first of three stages of the crowdfunding. Since then, it has been used to crowdfund $200,000 for latter Global Finals and $150,000 for IEM Katowice events.

Are there any non Korean leagues in Starcraft 2?

In 2015, non-Korean leagues were consolidated into one, the WCS Premier League, while the Korean region saw the introduction of a new Korean league to run alongside the GSL, the StarCraft II StarLeague (SSL) organized by SPOTV.

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