How do I use my focus scope for enlarging?

How do I use my focus scope for enlarging?

To use the grain focuser, you should enlarge and compose the picture normally on an easel. Place the grain focuser on the easel with a sheet of focusing paper in it, so a central portion of the projected image reflects from the mirror into the eyepiece of the grain focuser.

How do you use a Paterson Grain focuser?

With the Paterson grain focuser you simply focus the black line in the focuser by moving the moveable part of the focuser. Do this under the enlarger light at full aperture without a neg. There’s a screw which enables the correct adjustment to be set. This adjusts the focuser for your eyesight.

How do you use a Micro Focus Finder?

Place the finder so the mirror is near the centre of the projected image (most finders only work over a narrow range close to the centre). Looking through the finder, slowly adjust the focus and you should see the grain and image snap into focus.

How do you use a Paterson focus finder?

If a Paterson you first need to set the focus for your eyesight using the adjustable eyepiece. Slacken the adjustment screw (the eyepiece is a slide-fit) and move the eyepiece up/down until the bar in the centre is sharply in focus. Tighten the screw, making sure it has not drifted out of focus whilst doing so.

What temperature should Colour film be developed at *?

It is important to keep the developer at 30°C when you process colour film. To avoid a temperature drop and prepare your film you need to warm the tank up. Fill your tank, with the film inside, with 30°C water and leave for 5 minutes before starting to develop.

What is a focus finder?

A focus finder is a simple optical tool used to examine a virtual image in an optical device to achieve a precise point of focus. They are most commonly used in photographic enlarging to ensure that the negative image is accurately focussed on the easel.

What does a stop bath do in photography?

A stop bath is used to halt the developing process to prevent the picture from getting darker. Fixer then makes the image permanent and light-resistant by dissolving any remaining silver halide salts. Developer solutions and powders are often highly alkaline and are moderately to highly toxic.

Where are focus finders found?

Why does fixer smell like vinegar?

It is used to neutralize the alkaline developer, thus halting development. Neutralizing the alkalinity of basic developers also helps to preserve the strength of the fixer, making it last longer. Stop bath accounts for the vinegar-like odor of the darkroom.

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