How do I update my NDrive GPS?

How do I update my NDrive GPS?

Always “synchronize” your device with our server in order to guarantee that NDrive always knows the specific version and maps installed on your device. On Android devices, updates are available through Android Market. To update, enter Android Market and select “Downloads”.

What does it mean for a drive to be networked?

A network drive or mapped drive is a drive, NAS, or share on another computer or server on the same network (e.g., LAN). The network drive is accessed similar to a local disk drive, but the data is transferred from a remote computer to your computer over a network connection.

What is an N Drive Windows?

The N:drive (also known as the Home Share) is a network drive for storing your own documents. When you join the University as a student or member of staff, you are allocated 50 Gb of space for your personal files.

What is the difference between a local drive and network drive?

Local drive, network drive, and mapped drive A local drive is a drive (internal or external) that is connected to your computer. Although these drives could be shared, by default, they’re only accessible to the user of the computer. A network drive is any drive only accessible over a network.

What can I do with nplus NDrive app?

Furthermore, using NPlus you can also offer special promotions to your customers. NDrive offers off-the-shelf solution with automatic map view adjustment for an optimal overview of locations and manoeuvres. It features also lane assistance, detailed sign posts, speed alerts, safety camera alerts and accurate estimated time of arrival.

What do you need to know about NDrive 11?

NDrive 11 is an award-winning GPS navigation software powered by advanced routing algorithms that allow A to B navigation without any effort. It also offers full OEM customisation, allowing you to suit the software to your needs.

Why do I need NDrive for my PND?

To enable the connection between PNDs and computers, thus bringing lots of advantages to PND users, NDrive developed the NPlus application. This software allows users to update their software and maps, to consult information about their device and products, as well as to buy new maps or other voices.

Are there any updates to the NDrive app?

Through NPlus we release app and map updates that may include new features, new roads, speed limits, new traffic regulations, POIs or speed cameras. NDrive navigation provides the latest maps from renowned global and local map providers.

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