How do I stand out in a university application?

How do I stand out in a university application?

8 Genius Ways to Make Your University Application Stand OutResearch your course. Research is key if you’re wanting to stand out to university admissions departments. Read challenging books about your chosen subject. Volunteer. Get course related work experience. Get an award. Learn another language. Improve your grades. Believe in yourself.

Do universities look at volunteer hours?

Though community service work can showcase an aspect of your personality and make admission officers see you as a good citizen and leader, it isn’t going to guarantee admission on its own. Even if you have spent 500+ hours on volunteering, admissions officers won’t hold spots open for you based just on that.

Does Pseo look good to colleges?

Colleges may accept some PSEO credits only as electives. And some colleges, such as Carleton, generally don’t allow the PSEO credits to take the place of subject requirements. (Students may, however, be able to take higher-level classes in that subject because of their PSEO experience.)

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