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How do I learn to count Chinese?

How do I learn to count Chinese?

Learning numbers and counting in Chinese is simplified because the Chinese number system is extremely regular. The entire number system is based on counting the number of tens and then adding the ones. For example, 11 is shíyî, which is 10 (shí) plus 1 (yî); 21 is èrshíyī, which is 2 (èr) times 10 (shí) plus 1 (yî).

What is the best YouTube channel for learning Chinese?

Below are the top 10 YouTube channels for Chinese learners may want to check out regularly:

  1. Hanbridge Mandarin on YouTube.
  2. HSK Test Preparation and Practice.
  3. Yangyang Cheng.
  4. ChinesePodTV.
  5. Learn Cantonese with
  6. Learn Chinese Now.

How do you say 1 in Chinese?

“Fourteen” is expressed as 十四 (shísì) or “ten-four.”…Chinese Numbers Are Easier Than English Numbers.

0 líng
1 一 (幺) yī (yāo)
2 二 (两) èr (liǎng)
3 sān

How do I say 11 in Chinese?

Practice these and get them down, and when you’re ready for more numbers, check out Chinese Numbers 1 – 100….Mandarin Numbers 1 – 20 Posted by Transparent Language on Oct 19, 2012 in Uncategorized, Vocabulary.

0 líng
11 十一 shí yī
12 十二 shí èr
13 十三 shí sān
14 十四 shí sì

Can I learn Mandarin from YouTube?

YouTube is an amazing place for Mandarin learners, because it’s full of free videos explaining vocabulary or the grammar of Chinese language. If you add the HSK level (E.g. “HSK3 vocabulary“) you’re sure to find a video with a list of Mandarin words you need to rehearse.

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