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How do I know if my compensator sprocket is bad?

How do I know if my compensator sprocket is bad?

The symptoms of a bad compensator are a loud clang at start up, trouble shifting into first or neutral and a sound like gravel in the front of the primary around 2200 RPM.

What does a compensating sprocket do?

What Does It Do? The compensator sprocket dampens (reduces) torsional vibration created by the crankshaft so it is not transmitted through the drivetrain causing rider discomfort and premature component wear.

How long does it take to change a compensator on a Harley?

Re: Compensator Replacement cost The manager said Harley gives them . 9 Hours for the job!

What is a compensator on a Harley Davidson motorcycle?

The intention of the compensator is to smooth out the rough pulses that the engine creates under certain load situations (think about when you lug the engine and it bucks back and forth) and prevent them from being transmitted through the drivetrain.

What is a compensator on a Harley Davidson engine?

What does the compensator do on a Harley Davidson?

Can a Harley compensator sprocket be removed without heat?

Without the use of this heat, the Loctite may break into pieces as the bolt is being removed. These broken fragments of Loctite can be very abrasive and can damage bolt and shaft threads. This, absolutely, must be avoided, so take your time when heating this Harley compensator sprocket bolt when performing Harley compensator sprocket removal.

What does a 30 tooth front sprocket do?

This translates to gearing in the O.E. Transmission that is “Geared to the Moon.” This means a higher Top Speed and delayed power delivery instead of quicker acceleration. A 30 Tooth front sprocket changes the O.E. primary gear ratio from 1.352 to 1.533:1 which dramatically improves acceleration in each gear.

What should I use to soften the compensator bolt?

It is highly recommended that the stock 9/16-12 compensator bolt be heated with MAP gas prior to removal to soften and weaken the factory Loctite patch that was applied to the threads of the long compensator bolt during an assembly at the factory. It should take at least 2 or 3 minutes of evenly applied heat to soften the Loctite.

What’s the best way to clean a sprocket?

The next important step is cleaning the sprocket shaft threads. You can use a 9/16-12 thread chaser or tap. If a tap is used, be extremely careful that you are only removing residual Loctite and not damaging any of the shaft threads in any way. Clean out loosened Loctite with brake clean and compressed air.

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