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How do I fix my YouTube loading speed?

How do I fix my YouTube loading speed?

How Do I Fix YouTube Running slow?

  1. Check Out the Speed of the Internet.
  2. Adjust the Quality of Video.
  3. Reload the Router.
  4. Wipe the Cache in Your Browser.
  5. Change the URL.
  6. Change the VPN.

Why is my YouTube not loading fast?

It’s good to clear the cache often. When you load the first time, the browser caches everything in order to load faster next time. This will make browser store too much temporary data, which can be the cause of YouTube running slow. The steps to clear cache depend on the browser you’re using.

Why are videos loading so slowly?

Many a times slow streaming video problems are caused due to excess of programs running in the background. When you want to access any web-based video, shutdown all applications, unnecessary windows, and disable browser Add-ons. High definition videos exert load on internet connection.

Why does YouTube buffer every few seconds?

Buffers are used to process videos with a large amount of data. Parts of the video are stored in the drive in advance so that playback will run smoothly. If the video keeps stopping to buffer, it’s being slowed down by something on your computer. …

How do I fix YouTube buffering?

How to Fix YouTube Videos Keep Buffering on Windows/Mac/iPhone

  1. Contents:
  2. Make sure the stable internet connection speed (1Mbps at least)
  3. Restart the router/computer/iPhone.
  4. Clear browser cache and cookies.
  5. Check/Update the Flash Player.
  6. Lower the video resolution.
  7. Download YouTube videos and watch offline.

Why does my YouTube video keep loading?

Start restarting the Wi-Fi router; try to connect this again. Check whether the Wi-Fi router is working properly or not. Start restarting the system you are currently using. Change the video quality on the YouTube website on your default browser.

How do you make YouTube videos load all the way?

Force YouTube to buffer your entire video

  1. Download YouTube Center in the form of a .
  2. In Chrome, click the Settings button, then click Tools, Extensions to open the Extensions tab.
  3. Drag the downloaded .
  4. Now open YouTube in a new tab.
  5. Click Player, then clear the checkbox next to DASH.

Is it safe to clear YouTube cache?

When you use a browser, like Chrome, it saves some information from websites in its cache and cookies. Clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites.

Why is my YouTube video not loading properly?

One odd behavior not many people think about is what happens when your time zone is incorrectly set on your computer. This can lead to YouTube videos not working properly, and may just show the loading sign constantly. You can quickly check this setting to make sure it’s not causing the problem.

How can I make YouTube videos load faster?

One way to make YouTube load videos faster is to change the YouTube URL. For example, if you are trying to watch a video with the URL

Why are my YouTube videos buffering for so long?

One of these problems is due to YouTube running slowly – videos are buffering for too long, and this can happen even on a fast Internet connection. There are a number of reasons for this issue: an overloaded YouTube server; problems with your router, or; the Internet connection.

Why does my YouTube video keep getting lower quality?

YouTube adjusts the quality of the videos you are watching automatically. If the Internet connection speed is slow, it will display a lower quality video and vice versa. You can also set the video quality manually. Try to play videos in lower quality setting and see if this solves the problem.

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