How big does Acer Freemanii grow?

How big does Acer Freemanii grow?

7 x 4 metres
A popular larger Maple tree with an attractive oval-head, Acer freemanii ‘Autumn Blaze’ is fairly vigorous and will reach 7 x 4 metres in 20 years. Also known as Acer freemanii Jeffersred or Freeman Maple, it is a natural hybrid that has the autumn beauty of Acer rubrum and toughness of Acer saccharinum.

Do Autumn Blaze maples lose their leaves?

True to its name, the Autumn Blaze maple tree is one of the first to change colors in the fall, creating a vibrant, showy display of yellow, orange or brilliant red that lasts several weeks. The leaves are deciduous, which means they shed during the fall season.

How much does an autumn blaze maple cost?

Autumn Blaze Maple (5-6 ft)

List Price: $115.99 Details
Price: $98.53
You Save: $17.46 (15%)

Is Freeman Maple same as Autumn Blaze?

This Freeman Maple also provides some winter interest, with its smooth, thin, gray bark that becomes slightly furrowed with age. ‘Autumn Blaze’ is excellent as a specimen planting and one of the most brilliant Japanese Maple for fall color….

Hardiness 3 – 8 What’s My Zone?
Tolerance Drought
Garden Uses Beds and Borders

How fast do Freeman maples grow?

two to three feet
Annual growth rates are typically two to three feet, but are dependent on precipitation and site quality. The Freeman Maple is tolerant of heavy soils, similar to its parent, the Silver Maple.

Can you tap Autumn Blaze Maples?

You can tap all Maple trees and their relatives except for the Norway maple (most commonly seen as the purple leaved Crimson King – it doesn’t run sap in the spring.) This includes silver maple, freeman maple (autumn blaze and others,) box elder, sugar maple, amur maple, and swamp maple.

What kind of tree is Acer × freemanii?

Acer × freemanii, commonly called Freeman maple, is a hybrid of red maple ( A. rubrum) and silver maple ( A. saccharinum ).

What are the features of a Freeman maple?

The Freeman maple cultivars commonly sold in commerce today reportedly combine some of the best features of both parents, namely, solid structure, attractive form and showy fall color (from red maple) and adaptability and rapid growth (from silver maple).

When does Acer X freemanii start to bloom?

Blooms in April but rarely flowers and blooms are not very noticeable. Blooms in dense red clusters at the ends of one year old branches. Deeply cut five-lobed palmatifid leaves with the central lobe wider towards the tip than at its base, the sides often concave.

How tall does a Jeffersred Autumn Blaze tree grow?

‘Jeffersred’, sold under the trade name of AUTUMN BLAZE, is an older cultivar that was discovered by nurseryman Glenn Jeffers in the late 1960s. This is an upright, fast-growing, deciduous tree that will typically grow 40-55’ tall with ascending branching and a dense, broad-oval crown.


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