How are SY5Y cells different from SH?

How are SY5Y cells different from SH?

Differentiation of SH-SY5Y cells relies on gradual serum deprivation; the addition of retinoic acid, neurotrophic factors and extracellular matrix proteins; and serial splitting to select for differentiated mature adherent neurons. This cell line begins as a heterogeneous population of adherent and suspended cells.

What are SH-SY5Y cells?

SH-SY5Y is a human derived cell line used in scientific research. The original cell line, called SK-N-SH, from which it was subcloned was isolated from a bone marrow biopsy taken from a four-year-old female with neuroblastoma. SH-SY5Y cells are often used as in vitro models of neuronal function and differentiation.

Are SH-SY5Y cells neurons?

SH-SY5Y cells in both undifferentiated and differentiated states express a number of dopaminergic neuronal markers. These cells express TH, an enzyme critical for the catalysis of dopamine and, further downstream, noradrenaline (norepinephrine) and adrenaline (epinephrine) [20].

How do you grow SH-SY5Y cells?

  1. try increase the seeding number.
  2. when you thaw the cells, use 15 or 20 % of FBS supplemented media for first few days if the growth is too slow.
  3. change media everyday.
  4. SH-SY5Y cells needs other additive factors like RA, phorbol esters, dibutyryl cAMP.

Are SH-SY5Y cells immortal?

Standardised stocks of SH-SY5Y cells have the advantage of the proliferative potential of an immortal cancer cell line combined with ability to be differentiated into neuron-like cells that can then be used in functional assays.

Are SH SY5Y cells neurons?

What are BV 2 cells?

BV-2 is a type of microglial cell derived from C57/BL6 murine. The BV2 cells are immortalized by v-raf/v-myc carrying J2 retrovirus. BV2 express nuclear v-myc and the cytoplasmic v-raf oncogene products as well as the env gp70 antigen at the surface level.

What does Iba1 stand for?

Ionized calcium binding adaptor molecule 1 (Iba1) is a microglia/macrophage-specific calcium-binding protein. Iba1 has the actin-bundling activity and participates in membrane ruffling and phagocytosis in activated microglia.

What are primary microglia?

Primary microglia, in either mono-culture or co-culture with neurons or astrocytes, are a powerful tool for studying mechanisms underlying microglial inflammatory responses and cell type-specific interactions in the central nervous system (CNS).

What is Iba1 antibody?

The Iba1 antibody (ab5076) is commonly used as a marker of microglia activation in staining and immunohistochemistry, given that ionized calcium binding adaptor molecule 1 (Iba1) is a microglia/macrophage-specific calcium-binding protein with actin-bundling activity that participates in membrane ruffling and …

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