Here is how you can increase your Google docs productivity

Here is how you can increase your Google docs productivity

In the field of word processing, Google Documents comes in the list of those who are widely used and highly regarded as one of the best on the market. (however, do not tell that to users of Microsoft Word.) Google Docs are responsive, built in the cloud, and have several improved collaboration features. But sometimes similar to other technology,  it becomes infuriating and difficult to use.

You can perform better by using the following tips, which will make overall editing experience a bit better. But if you are a complete beginner to Google docs, here supportyourtech.com you can find some useful tutorials about it

Move whole paragraphs

For moving a complete paragraph from one section of the doc to the other, you use the option of copy and paste, and after this, you can delete that paragraph from the original location. But, it could prove difficult, and there are many chances that you could create duplicate information by mistake in case the document you are working on is a big document and required many changes.

You can move a whole paragraph up and down by using your keyboard, very easily, to avoid this type of mishaps. Here are the steps how you can do this,

  • At first, you have to Highlight the paragraph you want to move from one section of the document to the other section.
  • Press Alt and Shift (or Option Shift on Mac) and subsequently utilize your keyboard arrows to move the whole section up and down the document.


In case you want to add a personal touch to various documents, you can use E-signatures. by the use of this feature, you don’t have to print your document, physically sign them, scan them back to the PC and afterward email them out.

Here are the steps to use E-signatures,

  • Firstly, go to the “Insert” tab and select “Drawing.”
  • Afterward, go for the “Scribble” Option, it will enable you to draw your signature.


Bookmarks are another fantastic feature offered by Google Docs. In case your document is very lengthy, you can split it up into sections to make it easier to read or collaborate on.

By enabling this feature, you will be able to see a sidebar of contents which are fundamentally hyperlinks to certain parts of your document. Here are the steps,

  • Go to the “Insert” tab and select Bookmark to create a bookmark
  • Afterward, add the link when prompted.

View files with plain text

In case you are one of them who prefers to utilize plain desktop text editors like Gedit, Emacs, Vim, or Notepad, you will find that Google Docs will not display the files created in those applications.

However, using the following steps, you can upload a plain text file into Google Docs.

  • First of all, click-right on the file and select the rename option.
  • Afterward, you have to add the .txt filename extension to the end. Now, Google Docs will show your uploaded plain text files.

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