To Track and control systems in the source code in the program to those share the source code with multiple systems and server in the maintain the system . GIT ON WINDOWS primary system used in the software management.

To Track set of control systems and files in the system and servers .It is distributed systems , non-linear and revloves and aimed for efficient and speed along with accuracy . 


Multiple Operating systems are used in developing the process for efficient results in the system .increase the accuracy and speed of source code in the among the Multiple developers in the Git for Non-violate .

DOWNLOAD GIT ON WINDOWS for GitHub for operating systems in share for source code in the systems. Many Windows programs  have problems with directory trees nested so The performance that the absolute path is longer than 260 characters.


  • DOWNLOAD LINK, then CLICK LINK. It automatically starts to git windows setup.
  • Open the downloaded file and Install from folder or browser.
  • Select Components windows, leave the default options checked and check other other options you want to install.
  • Open the Git website.
  • Click the Download link to download Git. The download should automatically start.
  • After completion download, start the install from  browser or the download folder.
  • In the Select Components window, leave all default options checked and check any other additional components you want to be installed.
  • Next, choose the default editor, Used by Git unless you are familiar with VIM. we recommend a text editor like Notepad+ +.
  • Next step, Adjust your PATH environment, we recommend default Use Git from the Windows Command Prompt option selected as below. This option will allow you to use Git or in the Windows Command Prompt.
  • choose HTTPS transport backend as default options in the installation.
  • Launch the git on windows or Run on the command line or GIT BASH Launch Git windows interface.
  • LINUX COMMAND :sudo apt-get install git


This helps a transition to more excellent use because the Git Bash shell will be useful venture outside of R/RStudio.This  the git client, the windows implementation of BASH tools and a few Git GUI tools. 

The performance always degrades eventually. I’ve trawled through the msysgit &msysgit issue list, git windows bash etc. on & off for weeks, but I don’t turn up solutions which for  work.

The version of msysgit is 1.7.1-preview1002 & the OS is Windows 7 x64. Running lightning fast. I would use Linux, but I need to run stuff in Windows.

To work a private repository over HTTPS, you must provide a username and password each time you push or pull

Distributed development & Inventory response with Push and Pull with Fastest recycle and Highly secured GITHUB.Branch Community in the Hub

                                GIT     CONCLUSION

The SSH protocol provides security & give you to permissions to GitLab remote server without supplying our username or password each time.

Provide you offers ready-to-use integrations with popular tools like  Jira, Bugzilla, Hudson, Jenkins, Trac & similar like more. 

Git  WINDOWS GUI Git repositories so you can focus on coding. Imagine and Handle your repositories through Source tree’s Through Git GUI.

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