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Does South Carolina regulate tattoo facilities?

Does South Carolina regulate tattoo facilities?

Yes, an individual who has a current and valid tattoo license or permit from a state with requirements that meet the minimum requirements of the regulation, i.e. , training, age, or who has 1000 or more hours during the last three years performing tattooing procedures in a licensed or permitted tattoo facility, as …

Do you have to have a license to tattoo in SC?

(A) A tattoo artist must be at least twenty-one years old and must possess a certificate of successful completion, on an annual basis, of a course in blood borne pathology and tattoo infection control as approved by the department, a current American Red Cross First Aid Certification and Adult Cardiopulmonary …

Why are tattoos illegal in SC?

South Carolina outlawed tattooing in the 1960s, with lawmakers fearing an epidemic of hepatitis similar to an outbreak that occurred in New York, supposedly traced to a tattoo artist working on Coney Island. Other states took similar measures. But by 2004, only South Carolina and Oklahoma still outlawed tattooing.

Are neck tattoos illegal in SC?

Unfortunately not as South Carolina state law restricts anyone from receiving a tattoo on the head, neck or face. That means you cannot get tattooed above your collar bone, or on the back of your neck.

How long has tattooing been legal in SC?

South Carolina lawmakers passed a bill in 2004 that legalized tattooing in the state. Tattooing began two years later after DHEC put safety and health standards in place.

How do you get a tattoo permit in SC?

To obtain a Tattoo License an individual must successfully complete a three hour Infection Control Course and an Infection Control Examination conducted by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s (DOHMH) Health Academy.

What tattoos are illegal in SC?

The bill bans giving tattoos to anyone younger than 18 and requires parental permission for those 18 to 21. It also forbids tattoos on the neck or above.

When did SC make tattoos legal?

South Carolina lawmakers passed a bill in 2004 that legalized tattooing in the state. Tattooing began two years later after DHEC put safety and health standards in place.

When did tattoos become legal in South Carolina?

Are face tattoos legal in SC?

(A) It is unlawful for a person to perform or offer to perform tattooing upon a person under the age of eighteen years. (E) It is unlawful for a tattoo artist to tattoo any part of the head, face, or neck of another person.

How old in SC do you have to be to get a tattoo?

Legal status of tattooing in the United States

State Minimum Age (with parent/guardian consent)
South Carolina 18 (piercings excepted)
South Dakota none specified
Tennessee 18 (piercings excepted)
Texas 18 (piercings excepted)

Is doing tattoos at home illegal?

It is illegal for a licensed tattoo artist to perform tattoos in unlicensed locations, such at his or her home. It is also illegal for a licensed tattoo establishment to allow someone who is not licensed to give tattoos at that location.

How does the Department of Health and environmental control regulate tattooing?

(A) The Department of Health and Environmental Control must establish by regulation sterilization, sanitation, and safety standards for persons engaged in the business of tattooing. The department must provide the necessary resources to support the development of these standards.

What does section 44-34-60 do for tattooing?

SECTION 44-34-60. Inspections and complaint investigations; display of license; verification of age and parental consent; actions by under-age recipients. (A) The department may conduct unannounced inspections or complaint investigations of the locations at which tattooing, as applicable to this chapter, is being performed.

What do you need to know about a tattoo facility?

(E) A tattoo facility must include a room for the purpose of disinfecting and sterilization of equipment, and this room must be physically separate from the room used for tattooing procedures to avoid cross contamination of equipment. Flooring in each room must be composed of material which is sanitizable.

What do you need to get a tattoo license?

To obtain a license, the tattoo facility must: (6) be in substantial compliance with department standards as determined by an initial license inspection conducted by the department.

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