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Does Durex increase timing?

Does Durex increase timing?

Durex Performance condoms are specially designed to extend the sexual pleasure. It helps a man to delay climax and prolong excitement for long lasting sex. The reservoir tip of these condoms have a suspending agent benzocaine, which can effectively prolong ejaculation.

How does Durex Extra time work?

It works by temporarily numbing the area to which it is applied. Benzocaine cream or solution inside the condom de-sensitises the male sexual organ to help delay ejaculation and prolong erection during intercourse.

Is it safe to use delay condoms?

The extra time condom is nothing but just a condom with a specially formulated lubricant to aid a man to last longer in bed. Each long-lasting condom will have only a very minimal amount of lubricant which is around 4.5-5%. We can conclude that the extra time condoms are completely safe to use.

What are climax delay condoms?

Climax delay condoms are specially designed for men who experience premature ejaculation. A special climax delay lubricant benzocaine (5%) used in the inner side of the condoms helps to delay the ejaculation and prolong excitement for long lasting sex.

How does Durex delay work?

What is extra time condoms?

Durex Extra Time Condom is designed to provide greater sensitivity and a sleeker feel during sexual intercourse. It has special lubricant that helps it to last longer. Uses. This product is designed to prevent pregnancy, give protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

Does extra time condoms work?

Any condom that is labelled as “Extra time” or “Long Lasting” it definitely is going to help you experience a long-lasting sexual encounter in bed with your doe. Extra time condoms are either thick or contain a small amount of numbing gel at the tip (Benzocaine), to defer your climax as much as possible.

What makes a Durex Air condom extra thin?

Extra thin, lubricated and nearly see through; these condoms are made from premium quality, natural rubber latex. Durex Air Condoms are FSA (Flexible Spending Account) and HSA (Health Savings Account) eligible. Durex is the world’s #1 condom brand* trusted over 80 years.

How much does a Durex red condom cost?

Durex RED Condom Extra Sensitive, 42 Count – Ultra Fine & Extra Lubricated, Natural Latex Condoms. $14.99.

Which is the No 1 brand of condoms?

Durex is the world’s No.1 brand for condoms.* From ribbed and dotted to our ultra-thin Invisible condoms, discover our expertly designed range of condoms created to help enhance your sexual experience. Buy now for fast and discreet delivery.

Which is the thinnest condom in the world?

The Durex Invisible condom is the thinnest yet that has been developed by the Durex team. They’re the optimal way to achieve the maximum in sensitivity and sensation. This transparent and lubricated natural rubber latex condom is strong and safe as well. The thinness of the condom doesn’t affect the overall strength or reliability at all.

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