Do Webinars count as professional development?

Do Webinars count as professional development?

Virtual conferences and webinars still go on, and there are other ways educators can get professional development points while working from home. Generally, they have to obtain a requisite number of professional development points (PDPs) in order to advance to the next level of licensure.Ordibe

What is a professional development webinar?

IACET’s Professional Development Webinars are designed to bring a value added to Accredited Providers and individual members by providing relevant educational opportunities on topics associated with adult continuing education and training. Ideas for improving classroom instruction and training programs.

What are professional development opportunities for teachers?

Formal settings include conferences, courses, seminars, retreats and workshops. Informal opportunities for teacher professional development include independent research or investigation, peer learning initiatives or even just chatting with a colleague in the staff room.Ordibe

How Webinars help teachers?

The main purpose of conducting webinars is to help the audience enhance their knowledge and update their skills by inputting the latest techniques and methods related to their respective fields.

How many hours of PDP should teachers do in a year?

School teachers must undergo 50 hours of CPD opportunities every year to keep themselves by attending workshops or on-line teacher development modules.Shah

What qualifies as professional development?

Professional development is learning to earn or maintain professional credentials such as academic degrees to formal coursework, attending conferences, and informal learning opportunities situated in practice. It has been described as intensive and collaborative, ideally incorporating an evaluative stage.

How do I host a professional development session?

10 Tips for Delivering Awesome Professional Development

  1. Facilitate Learning.
  2. Plan, Plan, Plan, and Prepare.
  3. Allow for Choice.
  4. Not Too Much.
  5. Start and End on Time.
  6. Build on Existing Expertise.
  7. Treat Your Adult Learners Like Adults.
  8. Attend to the Environment.

How do I host a professional development?

Steps to Good Professional Development

  1. Know Your Audience.
  2. Set Goals.
  3. Choose Your Focus.
  4. Choose Your Presentation Style.
  5. Pace Your Time.
  6. Plan Ahead.
  7. Connect to Standards.
  8. Evaluate the Workshop.

What are examples of professional development opportunities?

Professional Development Examples

  • Continuing Education.
  • Participation in professional organizations.
  • Research.
  • Improve job performance.
  • Increased duties and responsibilities.
  • Approaches to professional development:
  • Skill Based Training.
  • Job Assignments.

What is the best professional development for teachers?

Best Professional Development Websites and PLNs for Teachers

  • BetterLesson. Exemplary lessons, strategies, and coaching from master teachers.
  • Common Curriculum.
  • KQED Teach.
  • PowerMyLearning Connect.
  • ReadWriteThink.
  • Smithsonian Science Education Center.
  • California Academy of Sciences.
  • Curio Learning.

What are the benefits of webinars?

Benefits of webinars:

  • Convenient to attend.
  • Reach a wider audience.
  • Cost effective.
  • Seamlessly recorded.
  • Higher attrition rate.
  • Limited audience interaction.
  • Technical issues.
  • Less accountability for engagement.

Why should teachers attend webinars?

Continuing education is a necessity for teachers, especially with the rapid rate of change in the classroom. Webinars prove to be a very convenient way for them to access this training from the comfort of the teacher lounge or from home.Shah

Are there any webinars for special education teachers?

For special education teachers, EdWeek offers live and recorded webinars on professional development in education. After watching a webinar, you can receive a certificate verifying one hour of professional development. Recent webinar topics include:

What are the benefits of attending a professional development webinar?

Attendees staying for the entire webinar will receive an automated email certifying their attendance to a one-hour professional development event. Information literacy involves multiple skills, including: identifying where information comes from, evaluating claims and evidence; identifying bias; and researching for additional information.

Is there a Library of Congress professional development webinar?

Note: this session is an encore from 2020. Attendees staying for the entire webinar will receive an automated email certifying their attendance to a one-hour professional development event. Join Library of Congress education specialists as we model strategies to help your students examine primary sources from multiple perspectives.

Are there any free professional development courses for teachers?

Live webinars can also be challenging due to issues caused by teachers in different time zones and when the webinar is held. Unlike online courses, the majority of free webinars do not offer professional development credit. Although, your district may offer options similar to those provided for podcasts.

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