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Can you support invoker?

Can you support invoker?

There isn’t really any trick to playing as support Invoker. Tornado, Cold Snap, Ghost Walk, and Ice Wall are all straightforward spells that can be used as normal. Though Invoker is historically a mid hero that likes to gobble up solo XP, support Invoker is best when rotating to set up kills.

Is invoker good or evil?

Yes he’s based off Sunstrider from Warcraft, but his design and backstory seem to be incredibly clashing with the general Dire vibe. He’s not evil or corrupted, he’s just a narcissistic immortal demi-god.

What role is invoker?

Because of this, he can be played in almost any role possible. Invoker can be a carry, semi-carry, ganker, pusher, initiator or even support. His three reagents provide a passive bonus per instance, allowing for specialization at early levels and situational boosts at later levels.

Which is the best invoker build to use?

When you play Invoker your biggest decision before the game starts is about whether you will go with the Quas-Wex or Quas-Exort build. The Quas-Exort build is good against squishy heroes like Shadow Fiend and Queen of Pain, especially if your team already has strong stunners like Sand King, Beastmaster, or Faceless Void to set up an easy Sunstrike.

What do the Thorns of the invoker set do?

1. The Thorns of the Invoker set unlocks a powerful, retaliation-based playstyle with what used to be the laughing stock of stats, Thorns. This tanky, utility and cooldown-oriented playstyle is designed towards Greater Rift solo progression, but we also have a speed farming variation.

What kind of damage can an invoker do?

Invoker can also use Sun Strike, Chaos Meteor and Deafening Blast to great effect, inflicting large amounts of Magical and Pure damage on enemies. This build is normally suited best against melee-heavy lineups, or lineups that have many heroes that need to be closer to their opponents.

Who is good against invoker in RuneScape?

Invoker is really good against squishy heroes that are vulnerable to Cold Snap like Shadow Fiend, Queen of Pain, and Ember Spirit. He has low base armor though so he struggles against heroes that high physical damage like Templar Assassin and Kunkka.

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