Can you overwater a seedling in coco?

Can you overwater a seedling in coco?

The sponge will remain damp and coco can still appear wet without having enough available water to give to the plant. Constantly watering coco results in over-watering. When using coco, there is a need to water at a minimum of 50% dry. After all, the roots also need oxygen and where there is water there is no air.

Can you start seedlings in coco?

Coconut coir comes from the fibrous interior of the coconut husk. The coir provides a sterile medium especially well-suited to starting seeds because it doesn’t retain fertilizer salts, which can damage tender young roots. Its fine texture provides soil aeration, which helps seedlings root well.

How do you feed coco seedlings?

Coco can hold onto masses of nutrient salts. Some of this will be unavailable to your plants. To make sure your plants get enough to feed on, you need to pre-soak your coco media before planting on. To pre-soak your coco media, apply a 3/4 to full strength feed until run off* appears.

Can I plant seeds directly in coco coir?

You can either use 100% coco coir for your soil or mix it with your favorite potting soil or potting mix. If you want to make your own seed starting mix for small seeds, it is better to use fine pith coco coir. Since coco can hold so much water, you don’t need to water your seeds as much as you would with regular soil.

How often should I water my coco seedlings?

The frequency of watering depends on the evaporation and the water supply in the COCO. A common rule is; one daily watering is sufficient during the first few weeks under normal circumstances; then increase up to 2 times a day; 2 hours after the lamps have been turned on and 2 hours before they are switched off again.

Should you feed Coco every day?

At the beginning of your grow, you’ll only need to water your plants once every one to two days. As your plants grow, feeding intervals will increase, so don’t be surprised if you have to feed your plants more than once a day when they flower.

How do you grow Autoflower in coco coir?


  1. Once the seed has its first pair of serrated true leaves transplant the plug to a 100ml pot using coco: perlite mix (80:20)
  2. The seedling will thrive in this pot over the next 7-14 days.

Do seedlings need nutrients in coco?

Generally, the seedling in coco can do well up to 2-3 weeks without feeding – just provide them ample water. Note: Some gardeners recommend fertilizing from the first day of planting, but it may cause the burning of seedlings.

When should I start giving my seedlings nutrients in coco?

Once the first set of initial leaves called Cotyledon, responsible for providing all the nutrients a plant needs for sprouting, fall off in 2-3 weeks, you can then feed the plant with a 10-10-10 liquid fertilizer diluted to 1/4 of its strength.

Is coir good for seedlings?

Like peat pots, the coir variety is made of fibers that have been pressed into flower pot shapes. They are useful containers for starting plants because they retain moisture, drain well, and allow air to circulate. Put them directly into the ground when you’re ready – they biodegrade.

How do you test pH in coco coir?

Take a 250 ml measuring jug and fill it with 150 ml of de-mineralized water. Add COCO to the 250 ml mark (photo3). Fully mix and allow the slurry to settle for at least two hours. Mix again and measure the pH.

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