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Can I go to law school with a 141 LSAT score?

Can I go to law school with a 141 LSAT score?

You can enter a select few law schools with an LSAT score of 141, but you will still face greater competition than most applicants during the application process.

Can I get into law school with a 143?

Students who score 143 may qualify for admission into a select few law schools with low LSAT requirements, but their performance still falls short of the average law school applicant and even certain below-average law school applicants.

How good is a 144 LSAT score?

LSAT scores range from 120 to 180. A student scoring 120 is in the 0 percentile because the student scored better than 0% of test-takers….Law School Enrollment.

Risk Band LSAT
Score Percentile
Very High Risk 145-146 26.1 – 29.5
Extreme Risk 120-144 ≤ 22.9

What law schools can I get into with a 144?

2020 Raw Data Law School Rankings

No. Law School LSAT Median
1 Western Michigan (Cooley) 142
2 Southern University 144
3 Appalachian School of Law 144
3 Texas Southern University 144

Can I get into law school with a 146 LSAT?

The LSAT is the best predictor before law school as to whether a student will pass or fail the bar exam….Law School Enrollment.

Risk Band LSAT
Score Percentile
Low Risk 153-155 55.6 – 63.9
Modest Risk 150-152 44.3 – 52.5
High Risk 147-149 33 – 40.3

Can you get into law school with a 148 LSAT?

According to U.S News, “Among the 193 ranked law schools that reported the median LSAT score for incoming full-time students in fall 2019, the overall median was 155. Typical LSAT score ranges include: 120-147 Low. 148-156 Mid.

Is a 144 a good LSAT score?

Can I get into law school with a 142 LSAT?

Answer: The LSAT scores you need to qualify for law school vary between law schools, but nonetheless, an LSAT scaled score of 142 is unlikely to help a student qualify for law school. Furthermore, the LSAC reports that 17.4% of all students who took the LSAT between 2019 and 2020 scored 142 or lower.

Can you go to law school with a LSAT score of 144?

Pay most of these answers no mind. They’re certainly right that you shouldn’t pursue law school with an LSAT score of 144–but only because you’re not likely to get into a law school that you’d want to go to with a 144.

What does pass rate mean for Law School?

” State Bar ” indicates the statewide bar passage rate for the jurisdiction in which the greatest number of the law school’s graduates took the bar exam for the reported period. ” Pass Bar ” is the bar passage rate among those students who passed the bar exam within that jurisdiction.

What does 10mos mean on LSAT?

@Grad “) and ten months after graduation (” Empl. @10Mos “). The data shown under the heading ” Library ” indicate the number of print and microform volumes, as well as volume equivalents. The data shown under “Male Fac.” and “Fem. Fac.” indicate the percentage of the faculty that are male and female, respectively.

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