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Are there any tips or tricks for mastering Snapchat?

Are there any tips or tricks for mastering Snapchat?

Mastering Snapchat can be difficult, though, with all its bells and whistles – plus all the new bells and whistles the app keeps adding every few week. So, we’ve broken it down to the top ten tips and tricks you need to know!

Is there a secret color palette on Snapchat?

The secret Snapchat color palettes are just a few taps away. Credit: Screenshots / Mashable composite Hate on the redesign all you want, but it did make finding secret colors easier. Previously, users had to drag the rainbow slider in a very specific ways to access secret colors. Now, all it takes is a few taps.

Which is the easiest way to pick a filter on Snapchat?

Picking a colored tint is normally the easiest, as they’re the first three options when you first swipe left. When you find the first filter you want, tap and hold your screen and swipe to the left again. This will show you other filters like Snapchat normally would, except the first filter you picked is already stuck to your snap.

Why do people use neatspy ready on Snapchat?

You can use Neatspy ready for many reasons: You can see that family members are not engaging in anything problematic while on Snapchat. This includes potentially pornographic content. You can also review what coworkers or employees in the workplace are doing with Snapchat. This is to see that those people aren’t abusing their devices.

Is the government tracking your movements on Snapchat?

No, it’s not the government tracking your every move (they’ve been doing that for a while already, btw), it’s Snapchat’s geofilters, and if you’re obsessed with them as much as us, you can actually design your own!

Is there a way to layer filters on Snapchat?

While plenty of people may know that if you swipe left on Snapchat, you can layer tinted filters over your snaps, the time/date, geofilters, or even the speed you’re travelling at (but seriously, don’t snap and drive), not many know that you can actually layer a few of these things for a pretty unique Snapchat story.

How to get variety of colors on Snapchat?

In order to get some variety with your Snapchat colors, you have to tap the color you want from the drop down doodle bar and while holding your finger or stylus on your screen, drag slowly to the left side of your screen to lighten the color. In order to get some black/grey/white color variation,…

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