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Are Riva boats Italian?

Are Riva boats Italian?

Legendary Italian builder of luxury powerboats and superyachts, Riva embodies “La Dolce Vita.” Riva builds luxury yachts from 8.2 to 37.59 metres in Sarnico and La Spezia, Italy. Riva is a Ferretti Group brand.

Are Riva boats still made?

The production yard in Sarnico near Bergamo opened in 1842 on Lake Iseo deep in the Franciacorta area and remains the heartbeat of the Riva story today. This is where it is all made and always has been – from the legendary wooden hulls of the past to the modern 27- to 66-foot yachts.

How much does a Riva Dolceriva cost?

Riva has become rather coy about pricing on the basis that if you need to ask you probably can’t afford one, but if you are in that league we understand that prices start at around €1.43 million ex VAT.

How much is a Riva 48?


Name No Name
Price $ 1,875,000 USD
Year 2020
Length Overall 48 ft
Beam 14 ft

What type of boat is a Riva?

The Riva Aquarama is a luxury wooden runabout built by Italian yachtbuilder Riva. Production of it and its derivatives (the Lungo, Super, and Special) ran from 1962 until 1996.

Who owns Riva yacht?

Ferretti Group
Riva/Parent organizations

How much does a Riva Aquariva cost?

This 33′ Riva Aquariva Super is hand crafted with carved wood decks. Only 12 boats a year are manufactured in the Riva plant in Italy. Ferretti Group in Palm Beach, FL receives 3 or 4 out of the 12. Sale price for each boat is a cool $1m!

How much does a rivamare cost?

The five-bedroom family residence, set in tropical gardens, features a gourmet kitchen but is also close to the popular dining precinct of Capri on via Roma. Michael Kollosche of Kollosche Prestige Agents has the listing honours, and advises on a price guide of $2.775 million.

What does Riva mean?

as a girls’ name is pronounced REE-vah. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Riva is “to bind”. Short form of Rebecca. Also possibly from the French word for “shore”.

Are Riva Yachts good?

Riva is simply the best-known nautical brand in the world. All the craft, from the 27-foot Iseo up to the imposing megayachts, are marvels of unmistakable detail. These are the fruits of well over a century of experience, where glorious Italian craft tradition meets cutting-edge technology.

Does China own Ferretti Yachts?

JINAN, CHINA — The machinery maker Shandong Heavy Industry Group sealed a deal Tuesday to take a 75 percent stake in the debt-laden Italian luxury yacht maker Ferretti, the latest in a series of Chinese acquisitions of European brands.

Is Riva a word?

A rift or cleft.

Are there any Riva boats available for sale?

Some of the most widely-known Riva models presently listed include: 52 Rivale, Aquariva Super, 75 Venere, 86′ DOMINO and Aquariva. Various Riva models are currently offered for sale by specialized yacht brokers, dealers and brokerages on YachtWorld, with listings ranging from 1930 year models up to 2023.

Why did Carlo Riva name his boat Riva?

Riva, the name represents the finest of Italian style and craftsmanship. With a tradition of boatbuilding, spanning over 170 years, the brand has a heritage like no other. In the 1950’s Carlo Riva set about to build series produced boats, manufactured in a state of the art factory. Nothing was compromised in the quality of their construction.

What kind of boat is the Riva dolceriva?

There are boats that tell a familiar story and boats that write an entirely new one – like the Dolceriva, whose profoundly rethought design and style open a whole new chapter for the historic Sarnico yard.Riva’s latest inspiring creation is a 48′ open yacht conceived for on-board living in consummate comfort.

What’s the top speed of a Riva yacht?

The agility and responsiveness of the Riva Aquariva is what makes this boat truly special, delivering fast acceleration and a top speed of up to 42 knots with a cruising speed at 36 knots. With twin engines and a bow thruster, the captain can dock this 33ft boat with ease. See

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