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Are Ford Mondeos fast?

Are Ford Mondeos fast?

Ford Mondeo hybrid engine Performance is best described as adequate, with a 0-62mph time of 9.2 seconds (identical to the old 1.5-litre petrol engine). For the most part, you’ll hardly notice the switch between the petrol engine and electric motor, with the engine shutting down when coasting in town or on a motorway.

Is there a Mondeo ST?

Mondeo ST-Line delivers bold styling inspired by Ford Performance models. Fitted as standard with full body styling kit, unique Rock Metallic alloy wheels & sports suspension.

Can You Recode Mondeo 2.2 ST TDCi injectors?

Always recoded Mondeo injectors fine but they are normally 2.0 litres and not 2.2 so maybe thinking of retrying with a different scanner. Used codes from injector numbers on injectors although these do match the label on the cover. I did recode them in firing order as neede to with the Launch.

What’s the problem with the Ford Mondeo Turbo?

Now the car keeps going into limp home mode, the local garage have plugged into the car and came up with fault P2562 Turbocharger Boost Control Position Sensor A Circuit. An auto electrician has looked at it today and said no power is going to the turbo actuator.

When to revert ECU coding on Mondeo injectors?

Coding old / worn injectors will revert the ECU coding to what the injection characteristics where when the injectors where new, not in their now aged condition. (and we know what the reputation of Mondeo injectors are when they have done some mileage). As I said, I stand to be corrected by one with better knowledge.

Is the Ford Mondeo Titanium X a good car?

The Titanium x is nicely appointed/ kitted out and some real bargains can be had (compared to BMW/ Audi etc) They sit nicely on the road (with good steering/ grip etc) and don’t feel as big as they are, but are more motorway cruisers.

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