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Are circular ND filters any good?

Are circular ND filters any good?

Round ND filters: A circular ND filter is fantastic – as long as you only want to use it with one lens thread diameter. However, it’s convenient to use and rarely lets in light leaks.

What ND filter to use on a sunny day?

A 3-stop or 0.9 density ND is ideal for waterfalls in bright sunlight, slowing the exposure to a second or so, depending on the f-stop and ISO used. A strong 10-stop or 3.0 ND filter can blur clouds over several minutes, even on a bright sunny day.

What filters can reduce vignetting?

Some filter kits have a standard and wide-angle filter holder and adapter ring. Ensure that you are using a wide-angle adapter ring as these tend to be thinner and hence cause less vignetting. I also prefer to use filter holders with two slots while shooting wide.

Is the neewer ND lens filter good for photography?

The build quality of the Neewer ND lens filter range is solid and their ultra slim design and lightweight materials make it very easy to store them in your photography kit bag when not in use.

Why is the neewer ND filter made out of metal?

The metal threads on the filter frame offer smooth mounting and unmounting allowing you to quickly get your filter on or off your lens as required. As they are made out of solid case metal, they also stand the test of time very well and will not cross thread or risk and thread damage to your lens.

Are there any drawbacks to the neewer variable ND filter?

One of the main drawbacks of the Neewer variable ND range is that it is only available in a very limited number of thread common thread sizes. At this stage in the products life cycle, we doubt any new thread sizes will be released but you are able to pick up the following sizes:-

What’s the difference between ND and polarized filters?

The polarized doesn’t do the exact same as the regular Nd filter, it blocks glare and reflection on objects and water. The regular Nd makes the colors crisper, the sky bluer and softens the sun’s glare

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