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5 Best Mobile Tracking Apps You Should Know About

5 Best Mobile Tracking Apps You Should Know About

What is the most private thing you own these days? Well, it is your mobile phone. Yes, every adult or teen makes sure to keep the mobile phone with them before leaving for somewhere. The single thought about losing your device gives goosebumps. Of course, we do not want to hand over our sensitive data to anyone.

Stolen devices can be tracked with their built-in features. But in this era, you need to be smart than criminals or robbers. Built-in features are not enough for tracking, but you can use mobile trackers (advanced features) to check the details of the movement of your stolen phone. It is because a user can install the apps on another device to capture the screen.

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Do you know which mobile tracking app you should try?

Continue to read and discover a list of best mobile trackers.

5 Top Phone Trackers

1 – TheWiSpy – A Leading Phone Tracker Company 

In the crowded market, TheWiSpy is the name that offers promising monitoring services. This app allows the end-user to track the device without rooting. TheWiSpy phone tracker provides over 20 features at affordable rates. 2 Days free trial that lets the user understand its functionality.


1 – Kid’s Monitoring

2 – Mobile Tracking

3 – Backup Personal Data

 How to install TheWiSpy on the device?

1 – Buy the License and Accept the Privacy Terms.

2 – Access the target device physically & download the app.

3 – Go to the Settings and Hide the icon.

4 – Open the site on your device and log in.

5 – Enter the License Key and Child’s Details.

6 – Start Monitoring on User-friendly Control Panel.

How Does it Work?

Android phone monitoring is not possible without a third-party app. If your device is stolen, and you have already installed the hidden-phone tracker, then it is difficult to detect by robbers. TheWiSpy works under stealth mode and collects all the data in the background secretly to send the end-server.


Basic Version: 1 Month License $19.99

Starter: 15 Days License $6.99

Ultimate Version: 1 Month License $29.99


Hack Contacts

Multimedia Access



Call Recordings

Wi-fi logger


Calendar Events


2 – Find My Device 

An efficient phone tracker that empowers the user to keep track of the target device and also guard the personal data. Its features let the user ring the target device in no time. Indoor and outdoor maps are it’s another handy solution to get the right location.

It helps to lock your stolen phone until you find it back. Find my Device use a custom message or a contact number to lock the screen remotely.

3 – Glympse

Glympse is the solution to track your family with only a few clicks. Now, it has become easy to get the whereabouts notifications of your kids while sitting home. A free mobile tracker which still deals with attractive features allows the users to set safe of the unsafe zone.


In-App Navigation


Share Location with Dynamic Map

4 – FamiSafe

Want more than tracking your lost phone?

If your response is yes, then you are in the right place.

FamiSafe is the best choice to keep an eye on your family using its advanced features. Its location-based services, such as geofencing, let the end-user set a safe or unsafe zone and allow to receive the whereabouts notifications.


Detection of dubious photos

Suspicious Keyword

Alerts (Bullying or other Online Threats)

5 – Spyzie 

Being a well-designed app enables the end-user to track the device under stealth mode. Remotely control all the online activities plus location with its advanced features. It is an android compatible app which works in the background and let the end-user monitoring on a convenient dashboard.


No Rooting


Track IMs and Text-Messages

Web Browser History



Wrapping Up

There are hundreds of mobile trackers available on the internet, but every online product is not reliable. We have shared a list of 5 top mobile tracking apps that will eliminate the chance of scam exposure. Using advanced features, you can do more than location tracking. Location-based services send the where about notifications, such as geo-fencing.

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