Will corys eat fish eggs?

Will corys eat fish eggs?

Corys are meat eaters though and would eat eggs deposited on the bottom of the tank.

Will Pleco eat Corydora eggs?

The cichlid parents need a light to be able to see to defend the eggs, even plecos will eat them overnight, cories are active at night and eggs are an easy source of food that they won’t have to fight over if mom and dad can’t see to defend it.

Will guppies eat Corydora eggs?

Guppies are livebearers, yes, and cories don’t eat fry. However, corydoras will eat their own eggs, and guppies will eat cory eggs and cory fry. Trying to breed cories in the same tank as other fish doesn’t work out so well.

Will Cory cats eat their own eggs?

They’re certainly capable of eating their own eggs or wrigglers. The eggs hatch in three to five days depending on the temperature and species. The tiny wrigglers (with yolk-sac attached) can be observed on the aquarium bottom.

Will corys eat their fry?

Registered. Dwarf corys are an exception among the corys as they neither eat their own eggs nor their own fry. Your fry will be safe from them and eat the same as the adults do.

Do Cory cats eat their babies?

Will Tetras eat Cory eggs?

It doesn’t always work 100%. But most tetras cardinal or larger would probably eat at least some of the eggs as would small cichlids like the Apistogramma mentioned above. But Corydoras eggs are large and sticky and not as easy to eat as some other fish eggs.

Will bettas eat Cory Fry?

Corys are omnivorous, meaning that they will thrive on a whole range of different foods and will happily survive on the same food as your betta. However, if you buy floating pellet food for your betta fish, you should also offer your Corydoras catfish some sinking wafers that are specially designed for bottom feeders.

Can a corydora eat eggs from a fry tank?

We are unsure if corydoras eat eggs that they think are genetically impaired or if they just do it as a survival instinct. The fry tank and the breeding tank can be the same. Although corydoras can spawn in their regular community tank, it is best to move them so that you don’t have to handle the eggs.

What should I do with my cory catfish eggs?

Cory Catfish Eggs are pretty easy to care for and can be taken away from the cory catfish parents almost immediately. You put Cory Catfish eggs in an incubator or egg tumbler or you can put them in a breeder box.

How long does it take for Corydoras eggs to hatch?

Corydoras eggs take just 3-5 days to hatch, hence the importance of having a breeding tank ready and cycled. If you are having trouble cycling your tank, use a good water conditioner and beneficial bacteria to speed up the process a little. Cory catfish females will swim with their fertilized eggs to a flat surface for depositing.

Is it possible for a corydora to get pregnant?

Corydoras can’t get pregnant. They are egg-laying fish, so they do not give birth to live larvae. Corydoras aren’t fussy when it comes to their food, they will eat both plants and meat. Did you know cory catfish can breathe out of water?

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