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Why was the Battle of Shanghai significant?

Why was the Battle of Shanghai significant?

As the battle lasted 3 months, 1 week, and 6 days, it decisively refuted the Japanese boast that Japan could conquer Shanghai in three days and China in three months. The battle can be divided into three stages, and eventually involved nearly one million troops.

How true is the 800?

“The Eight Hundred” is based on a true story and zooms in on the struggle of eight hundred NRA soldiers—although the real number is closer to four hundred—trapped in a warehouse who fought against Japanese troops for over four days.

How many people died during the Battle of Shanghai?

As many as 300,000 people died in the epic three-month struggle that pitted China’s best divisions against Japanese marines, tank, naval gunfire and aircraft. Yet even in China, few people remember the Battle of Shanghai, says Peter Harmsen, author of Shanghai 1937: Stalingrad on the Yangtze.

When did Japanese take over Shanghai?

November 1937
In November 1937, the Japanese occupied the city, following what was known as the Battle of Shanghai.

Is better days based on a real story?

Classroom bullying is a universal blight in school systems everywhere, but in Better Days’ case, the film found its theme in a real-life crisis that came to the fore in China in the mid-2010s, when a string of deaths involving bullied kids throwing themselves off the upper floors of school buildings became a subject of …

What was the main cause of the Sino Japanese War?

The main cause of the Sino-Japanese War was that Japan and China competed for influence in Korea. This was the first time in East Asia that there was a shift in power between China and Japan, where China had been the most powerful force and now Japan became that representation.

How long have China and Japan been fighting?

A series of wars and confrontations took place between 1880 and 1945, with Japan seizing Taiwan, Manchuria and most of coastal China. Japan was defeated and withdrew in 1945. Since 1950 relations have been tense because of the Korean War and the Cold War. Trade has expanded greatly in the 21st century.

Why was Better Days Banned in China?

Better Days ran afoul of the censors primarily because it hit too close to home, sources say. The original version of Better Days that was submitted to Berlin ran 138 minutes, while the version theatrically released in China lasted 135 minutes.

Who was involved in the Battle of Shanghai?

The Battle of Shanghai was the first of the twenty-two major engagements fought between the National Revolutionary Army (NRA) of the Republic of China (ROC) and the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) of the Empire of Japan at the beginning of the Second Sino-Japanese War.

What was the second stage of the Battle of Shanghai?

The second stage lasted from August 23 to October 26, 1937, during which the Japanese launched amphibious landings on the Jiangsu coast and the two armies fought a Stalingrad -type house-to-house battle, with the Japanese attempting to gain control of the city and the surrounding regions.

What was the Battle of Shanghai in 1937?

1937 Battle of Shanghai, Japan’s Brutal Attack on China. In 1937, the first major clash of forces of the Imperial Japanese Army and the Chinese National Republican Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War was recorded in the Battle of Shanghai, or also known as the Battle of Songhu. During the Japanese onslaught, the terrifying might of the

What was the outcome of the Shanghai Campaign?

The Shanghai Campaign was a series of battles fought between the nationalists and the communists for the control of Shanghai, the largest city in China in the latter stage of the Chinese Civil War, and resulted in the city being taken over by the communists, who enjoyed numerical superiority.

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