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Why is my account restricted SunTrust?

Why is my account restricted SunTrust?

Typically, when Online Banking or Mobile Banking shows a “Restricted” error this will indicate a problem with the account profile. We’d need to be speaking with you to determine that. So that we may, simply give us a call at 800-SunTrust (800-786-8787).

How do I report phishing to SunTrust?

How to Report Online Fraud Regarding Your SunTrust Account • To report a suspicious email or Web page, forward it to [email protected].

How do I dispute a charge with SunTrust?

Charges can be disputed through Online Banking or by phone. To submit a dispute by phone, please call 800.477. 9702.

Where do I send SunTrust phishing emails?

Suspicious SunTrust emails (phishing), Texts (SmiShing), suspicious calls (Vishing) and other scams: Forward information to [email protected]. You will receive an automated response to let you know that we received your email.

How do I unlock my SunTrust account?

You can lock or unlock your SunTrust credit card through online or mobile banking or by calling 877.864. 0197.

What is SunTrust ATM withdrawal limit?

Daily ATM Withdrawal Limits at Top Banks

Bank Name ATM Withdrawal Limit
SunTrust Bank $500–$2,500
TD Bank $500–$1,000
Union Bank $500
U.S. Bank Dependent on customer relationship

How can you tell a fake check by mail?

Check number: If there’s no check number at the upper right-hand corner, or the number doesn’t match the check number in the MICR line, you’ve got a counterfeit. 5. Amount: Usually it’s less than $5,000 because federal rules require that deposits of that size be made available to you within five days.

Has SunTrust Bank Been Hacked?

On April 20, 2018, Atlanta-based financial services firm SunTrust encountered a data breach that might have compromised around 1.5 million customers’ personal information. While the issue is still under the investigation, the SunTrust bank announced that it took appropriate measures to heighten its data security.

How do you dispute a transaction?

Consumers can dispute fraudulent charges on their bill by calling their issuer. This is typically a quick process where the issuer will cancel the credit card in question and reissue a new one. You also have the right to dispute a credit card charge for a purchase you willingly made.

Why am I getting emails from SunTrust?

SunTrust will never send unsolicited emails or text messages asking you to provide, update or verify personal or account information, such as passwords, Social Security numbers, PINs, credit or check card numbers or other confidential information. SunTrust also offers these tips to protect customers here.

Can SunTrust close my account?

There are a few ways to close your Suntrust account. You can call their customer service number at 1-800-SUNTRUST. Or you can visit a branch in person. If you call them, you will need to answer security questions to prove your identity.

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