Why is Chris King so expensive?

Why is Chris King so expensive?

Even though Chris King’s ball bearings were harder than everyone else’s, his business practices were based on the much fluffier ideals and ethics of the hippy scene he had come from: manufacturing processes had to be sustainable and waste must be recycled. That’s what makes Chris King headsets expensive.

Are Chris King headsets worth it?

I like King stuff and it is worth the extra money to me. It is top rate quality and made in the U.S. I am OK with paying the extra money and have always been happy with what I got for the money. That said, King headsets did have some problems in years past with creaking when used with longer travel forks.

Where are Chris King headsets made?

Portland, Oregon
Every Chris King headset and bearing is engineered, manufactured and assembled in Portland, Oregon, and backed by our 10-year built-to-last warranty.

How does Chris King headset work?

Chris King’s GripLock™ headset retention device uses an isolated wedge system to separate headset bearing adjustment from steerer tube location thus eliminating loose headsets on long travel mountain bikes while simultaneously removing any chance of headset inflicted fatigue on the lightweight carbon steerer tubes …

What is special about Chris King headset?

As compared to what was otherwise available at the time, King’s headset was truly revolutionary. Not only did its cartridge bearings and sealed design outlast the competition but since it used aluminium cups instead of steel ones, it was lighter, too. “Nobody was doing anything with aluminum cups,” King said.

Why are Chris King hubs so good?

The instructions that come with the hubs are clear and easy to follow. King makes their own bearings, so you can’t just get them anywhere and they do cost money, but they are extraordinarily good bearings and it’s not uncommon for them to never need to be replaced.

Are Chris King hubs loud?

I noticed that my hubs are very quiet, barely any sound, while others with chris king hubs make a much louder buzz. A freewheel with many shallow pockets and pawls will provide a faster and finer ratcheting sound and one with few and larger pawls will give a slower and rougher sound.

Are Chris King bottom brackets worth it?

Chris King is a byword for high quality bike jewellery, and its headsets renowned for superb durability. The company’s taken a similar approach with bottom brackets. Strength is excellent, while sealing is superb (it’s upgraded over the headsets’ to lead the unpleasant life of a bottom bracket).

Is Chris King made in USA?

Chris King Precision Components employs 96 people in an old coffee roasting plant outside Portland, Ore. It’s one of the few bicycle factories left in the U.S. King makes mostly components, including wheel hubs and headsets, the assemblies that make the front wheel turn smoothly.

Where is Chris King from?

Chris King Precision Components is a performance bicycle component manufacturer based in Portland, OR. Since 1976 we have been domestically producing bicycle parts of the highest quality.

How do I adjust my Chris King headset?

Begin by removing the adjusting bolt in the center of the steering column. Next, remove the top cap. There may be a star-shaped nut or other fittings inside the steering column. The bolt threads into this fitting and pulls on the fork against the headset bearing surfaces, which acts to tighten the adjustment.

What is Chris King Dropset?

Designed specifically for bicycles, Chris King made-in-house bearings are built to last a lifetime, fully serviceable, and backed by our ten-year built-to-last warranty. As preload drops, the bearings are more susceptible to creaking, damage, and failure. Enter, our patented GripLock™ bearing cap.

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