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Why did the Army get rid of AKO?

Why did the Army get rid of AKO?

AKO got started in the late 1990s as a source of online information and collaboration tools for Army personnel. AKO email addresses had been used when soldiers were changing locations, but DEE accounts will stay with soldiers throughout their careers, thus eliminating the need for AKO email, the Army said.

How do I fix a AKO certificate error?

Answer 4.1: Open Internet Explorer, Click Tools, Internet options, content (tab), certificates (button) and delete all the certificates listed. Remove, then Re-insert your CAC into the reader, your certificates should automatically reload.

Is AKO going away 2021?

Contrary to popular belief, Army Knowledge Online (AKO) is NOT going away — it is modernizing and upgrading, with new and improved features to accommodate today’s Army.

What is AKO being replaced with?

“EC2M is also replacing the AKO Single Sign-On service with Enterprise Access Management Service (EAMS-A),” according to Army officials with Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Services. The modernization effort for AKO portal and EAMS-A migration will be completed by the end of calendar year 2018.

How do I log into AKO from home?

  1. AKO Access.
  2. AKO (Army Knowledge Online) www.us.army.mil.
  3. Follow the hyperlink for AKO listed at the top of page.
  4. Click “I Accept”
  5. Log in to your AKO account (or register and login if you haven’t already done.
  6. so)
  7. Click on the “Self-Service” tab and then select “My Education”

Is AKO still active?

AKO 1.0 known as AKO Classic, will sunset in early 2019 and the full functionality of the Classic portal will no longer be available. Individuals and groups are encouraged to move all of their existing files from AKO Classic to the AKO 2.0 portal as soon as possible.

How to reset Ako display name in militarycac?

MilitaryCAC’s AKO specific problems and solutions page. 1 Log into your AKO/DKO account. 2 Click on the ‘My Account’ tab. 3 Click on ‘Mail Preferences’. 4 Click on ‘Mail Options’. 5 Put a check in the box labeled “Reset display name to: [your display name here]. 6 Click on ‘Submit’. 7 Select your display name. 8 Click on ‘Submit’.

How to change Ako address before a CAC renewal?

Help! Answer 17: Each contractor who has a CAC renewal before the AKO renewal will have to call the AESD (Army Enterprise Service Desk) at: 866-335-ARMY (2769), Select Option 3 Provide your SSN and the answers to your security questions, the Help Desk will put in an order to change the AKO address.

Is there a problem with the AKO shortcut?

Answer 8.1: Go to: https://www.us.army.mil from this link. There could be a problem with the shortcut in your favorites. Simply re add AKO to your favorites replacing your existing one. I also right click and select properties to remove all of the extraneous stuff after us.army.mil then save. This helps speed up the load from your favorites.

What to do if your Ako certificate is not trusted?

If you are receiving a message that AKO is not trusted, you need to update your DoD Certificates Most AKO access problems can be remedied by following these corrections to your Internet Explore r web browse r Are you having problems accessing AKO now that Microsoft has pushed out Internet Explorer 11 as a critical update?

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