Why did Neil Young write After the Gold Rush?

Why did Neil Young write After the Gold Rush?

I wanted to write a song that was more like the dawn that gave some kind of hope. Then I happened to hear ‘After the Gold Rush;’ I was sitting in a cafe and thought at least the two verses of Neil’s song said what I wanted to say because it has a sense of optimism, but it’s also at a cost.

Who wrote After the Gold Rush song?

Neil Young
After the Gold Rush/Composers

Who has sung After the Gold Rush?

Dolly Parton
Emmylou HarrisLinda Ronstadt
After the Gold Rush/Artists

Who plays piano on After the Gold Rush?

Nils Lofgren
4. Young’s pianist had never played before. While most of the band was made up of seasoned musicians from CSNY and Crazy Horse, there was also newcomer Nils Lofgren, who was 19 at the time. Young met him at the Washington, D.C., club the Cellar Door and invited him to play piano for the After the Gold Rush sessions.

Where was after the Gold Rush recorded?

The album consists mainly of country folk music, along with the rocking “Southern Man”, inspired by the unproduced Dean Stockwell-Herb Bermann screenplay After the Gold Rush….

After the Gold Rush
Recorded August 1969 – June 1970
Studio Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA Sound City, Hollywood, CA Redwood Studios, Topanga, CA

Who wrote Mother Nature song?

Paul McCartney
John Lennon
Mother Nature’s Son/Lyricists

Who sang after the Gold Rush first?

Who Covered Mother Nature’s Son?


Title Performer Release date
Mother Nature’s Son The Beatles November 22, 1968
Mother Nature’s Son Harry Nilsson August 1969
Mother Natures Son Theo Bikel 1969
Mother Nature’s Son Helen Merrill 1970

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