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Why did Jahova leave the crew?

Why did Jahova leave the crew?

She left the Crew upon becoming serious with another gamer named Youtubable and playing more with their friends. Recently, she has reestablished her connection with other Crew members via inviting them to be part of her “Would You Rather” series.

What is Kyr Speedy’s real name?

Speed, it turns out, is a given name. His full name is Lucas Speed Eichhorn Watson. The Speed part comes from his uncle, Ted, who earned the nickname as a youngster. Mary and husband Deen liked it so much they added it to their youngest son’s name when he was born, and he’s gone by Speed ever since.

Where is G18 from the crew?

G18 was one of the last two active players to join the death counter, the other being Deluxe 4. G18 died on July 3rd while AFK, to a zombie. While the crew were igniting the ender portal, G18 fell in, and had to kill himself 3 times to save his gear by moving them from chests to ender chests.

What GTA server does speedy play on?

KYR_SP33DY (or Speedy) is a member of the crew, playing on the CrewCraft server.

Who is speedy dating?

Relationship status Speedy is currently in a relationship with fellow content creator Shelby “Shubble” Grace (As of May 2021).

Are speedy and sidearms dating?

Relationships. Sidearms views Speedy as his Lover, and only possible love. He has even stated that he is the reason why he wakes up in the morning. They play games with each other a lot on their own, particularly Shellshock Live, Fortnite, and Minecraft (particularly How 2 Minecraft).

When was Kyr speedy born?

speedyw03 (born: June 13, 1992 (1992-06-13) [age 29]) is an American gaming YouTuber from the state of Pennsylvania known for his humorous GTA, Call of Duty, as well as CS: GO videos.

Is GTA Roleplay scripted?

In practice, the result plays out as something akin to a drama scripted on the fly as players encounter each other. It is also Grand Theft Auto, which means that what you’re watching is a noir: cops vs. gangsters, and then everyone else caught in the crossfire.

How old is NobodyEpic?


Alias(es) NobodyEpic, Nobody, Joel William Goss
Age 29 (Born Oct 16th 1990)
YouTube Channel(s) NobodyEpic [1] NobodyExtra [2]
Debute Episode New Friends Join The Server – CrewCraft Episode 15 (JW Season 1)

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