Who was the Australian Prime Minister in late 1941?

Who was the Australian Prime Minister in late 1941?

Robert Menzies was the Prime Minister of Australia from 1939 to 1941, and 1949 to 1966.

What killed John Curtin?

July 5, 1945
John Curtin/Date of death

Why did Menzies resign in 1941?

On 9 October 1941, Menzies resigned as leader of the UAP after failing to convince his colleagues that he should become Leader of the Opposition in preference to Fadden. He was replaced as UAP leader by former prime minister Billy Hughes, who was 79 years old at the time.

Who was prime minister of Australia at the beginning of ww2?

John Curtin

The Right Honourable John Curtin
Curtin in the early 1940s
14th Prime Minister of Australia
In office 7 October 1941 – 5 July 1945
Monarch George VI

Who was in government during ww2 in Australia?

During the official wartime period, Australia had five prime ministers – Robert Menzies, Arthur Fadden, John Curtin, Frank Forde and Ben Chifley.

Has Australia ever had an aboriginal prime minister?

The Minister for Indigenous Australians in the Government of Australia is Ken Wyatt since 29 May 2019. He is the first Indigenous Australian to hold the position….List of Ministers for Indigenous Affairs.

Minister Les Johnson
Prime Minister Whitlam
Ministerial title Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
Term start 6 June 1975

Who was the worst Australian Prime Minister?

The Australian Financial Review (2001)

Prime Minister “Best” points “Worst” points
Alfred Deakin 30 0
Robert Menzies 19 1
John Curtin 14 0
Ben Chifley 9 0

Who was the shortest serving prime minister of Australia?

Forde resigned as prime minister on 13 July, after one week in office. He is Australia’s shortest-serving prime minister.

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