Who was Selden in Hound of the Baskerville?

Who was Selden in Hound of the Baskerville?

Selden, the Notting Hill murderer, is the convict loose on the Grimpen Moor. Selden is the younger brother of Mrs Barrymore, and although she recognises his guilt, she recalls the innocent boy she helped to raise.

How does Watson describe Selden?

And when Watson catches a glimpse of Selden out on the moors, he is struck by his “terrible animal face, all seamed and scored with vile passions” (9.126). Clearly, Selden is a nasty piece of work who wouldn’t hesitate to do terrible things to the people of Baskerville Hall if he could.

Who was Selden?

John Selden (16 December 1584 – 30 November 1654) was an English jurist, a scholar of England’s ancient laws and constitution and scholar of Jewish law. He was known as a polymath; John Milton hailed Selden in 1644 as “the chief of learned men reputed in this land.”

Why did Selden hide himself in the moorland?

Chapter XII: Death on the Moor As for Holmes’ presence in the hut, on the moor, in Devonshire, the detective explains that he hid so the enemies would not know of his direct involvement.

What happened to Selden in The Hound of the Baskervilles?

He is later referred to as “one of the most notorious criminals in the country.” As a wanton fugitive already known to be capable of brutal murder, Selden serves as a red herring until he is killed while fleeing Jack Stapleton’s hound.

What happened to the escaped convict Hound of the Baskervilles?

Selden, an escaped convict, dies in The Hound of the Baskervilles by falling off a ledge and cracking his head on the rocky ground.

Why did Barrymore not say anything during the inquest?

Why did Barrymore not say anything about the letter during the inquest? He thought that no good could come from it AND that it may ruin Sir Charles’ reputation in the community.

How was Stapleton trapped?

It turns out to be Sir Henry’s black boot, which Stapleton used to set his hound on Henry’s trail and then threw to the ground as he made his escape. As for Stapleton himself, his footprints are nowhere to be found beyond a certain point, and the detectives decide that the great Grimpen mire has engulfed him.

Who is the butler of Baskerville Hall?

His death passes the title and estate to Sir Henry Baskerville, son of Charles’ younger brother. Barrymore: is the Butler at Baskerville Hall and has served the family for all his life (as did his father before him).

What information did Barrymore conceal from police?

Barrymore tells them that Sir Charles recieved a letter from L.L.; he withheld the information to protect the reputations of both people. Her name was Laura Lyqans (Franklands daughter) and she needed financial help because her husband left her; Sir Charles and Stapleton both helped her.

What is really troubling Mrs Barrymore?

Barrymore and sees a bland person married to a tyrant. In fact, Mrs. Barrymore carries the secret of being related to one of the most violent criminals in England. And far from being a bully, her husband is so concerned for her that he risks his job and his respectability to help shelter Selden from the law.

What does Selden tell Barrymore?

Selden has mentioned this other man to Barrymore—the man doesn’t seem to be a convict. Selden told Barrymore that this other man is living in the prehistoric ruins, and that a kid from the village brings him food regularly.

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