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Who owns independent news media?

Who owns independent news media?

Independent News & Media/Parent organizations

What is the independent news media?

Independent media refers to any media, such as television, newspapers or Internet-based publications, that is free of influence by government or corporate interests.

Who owns Irish media?

Billionaire businessman Denis O’Brien is INM’s largest shareholder, with a 29.9% stake. Financier Dermot Desmond controls 15% of the company through his IIU Nominees Ltd investment vehicle, while several investment banks, including UBS, also have significant stakes in the firm.

Who owns the Sunday Independent?

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Sunday Independent Masthead
Type Sunday newspaper
Owner(s) Independent News & Media which is a subsidiary of Mediahuis
Editor Alan English
Founded 1906

Who owns the independent IE?

Irish Independent

Irish Independent front page on 24 November 2005
Type Daily newspaper and digital publication
Format Compact
Owner(s) Independent News & Media who are a subsidiary of Mediahuis
Editor Cormac Bourke

Who owns the Cape Argus?

Independent News and Media SA
Cape Argus

The Cape Argus front page of 21 July 2009
Format Compact
Owner(s) Independent News and Media SA
Editor Gasant Abarder
Founded 1857

Why is it important for the media to be independent?

Studies show that independent media lead to better governance, and that reliable, timely information is important in making good economic decisions. But because of their role as a watchdog of the powerful, in many societies critical media are at constant risk of harassment, persecution and closure.

Is RTE owned by the government?

listen); Irish for “Radio Television Ireland”) is the national broadcaster of Ireland headquartered in Donnybrook, Dublin. It both produces programmes and broadcasts them on television, radio and online….Raidió Teilifís Éireann.

Type Statutory corporation
Owner Government of Ireland
Number of employees 1,856 (as of 31 December 2013)

Who owns news for all Ireland?

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Type Private limited company
Key people Marc Vangeel, CEO
Products Newspapers, magazines, distribution, printing and online media.
Revenue €191 million (2018)
Owner Mediahuis

How much is the Irish Independent?

Sunday/Weekly Titles

Irish Farmers Journal €3.30
Sunday Times €3.40
Sunday Independent €3.70
Sunday World €2.60
RTE Guide €2.20

When was Irish Independent founded?

The Irish Independent

Political orientation Conservative
Area of distribution Nationwide
Established 1905
Address Independent House, 27-32 Talbot Street, Dublin 1
Phone 00353 1 705 5333

Where is the Independent News and media located?

Independent News & Media plc (INM) is a media organisation based in Dublin, Ireland and publishing national daily newspapers, Sunday newspapers, 13 regional newspapers and operating multiple websites including INM operates in the Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Who is the largest shareholder of Independent News and media?

In May 2012, Irish entrepreneur Denis O’Brien held a 29.9% stake in the company, making him the largest shareholder at the time. This compared to O’Reilly’s family stake of around 13% (June 2012).

Who is the parent company of the Irish Daily Star?

The Irish Daily Star, formerly 50% owned by INM, was sold to Reach plc, parent of the Daily Star in the UK, in 2020. The Independent (of London) was bought for around €100 million in 1997 and up until March 2010 the title had made cumulative losses of least €150 million.

When did INM become part of the Mediahuis group?

Since INM became part of the Mediahuis group in 2019, the company has undergone significant transformation and is increasingly integrated within the wider Mediahuis Group. The move now reflects the significant changes which have been made since the business was acquired in areas such as digital development, ethics and culture.

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