Who owns CIMA hospital in Costa Rica?

Who owns CIMA hospital in Costa Rica?

IHC’s flagship hospital is Hospital CIMA, San José, located in San José, Costa Rica. This acute care hospital, which was designed and built by IHC, opened in early 2000. The Hospital has an installed capacity of 103 beds and currently operates 70 beds.

How many private hospitals are in Costa Rica?

three private hospitals
How Many Hospitals Are in Costa Rica? There are only three private hospitals in Costa Rica, with a total of 223 beds. Meanwhile, in the public system, there are 30 hospitals, 16 of which are in the country’s Central Valley region, as half of the population lives here.

Are the hospitals good in Costa Rica?

Hospitals. Costa Rica provides one of the best health care systems in Central America, both in private and public sector, and both constantly strive to be up-to-date with contemporary medicine. The hospital services are available at a low costs to residents and tourists alike, 365 day a year on a 24 hour basis.

How good is Costa Rica healthcare?

Costa Rica provides universal health care to its citizens and permanent residents. Both the private and public health care systems in Costa Rica are continually being upgraded. WHO’s 2000 survey ranked Costa Rica as having the 36th best health care system, placing it one spot above the United States at the time.

Where is the best health care in Costa Rica?

Private Healthcare CIMA hospital in Escazu, Clínica Bíblica in San Jose and Hospital La Católica in Guadalupe (San Jose) are the three most well-known private hospitals in Costa Rica and they are also internationally accredited.

Do expats get free healthcare in Costa Rica?

Foreigners living in Costa Rica—legal residents only in one of the residency programs (Pensionado, Rentista, or Inversionista)—can join the CCSS and have the option to receive national healthcare (everything from check-ups to prescription drugs to major surgeries) by paying a small monthly fee–based on income.

Does Costa Rica have good hospitals?

Are hospitals in Costa Rica good?

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