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Who owns Blue Martini Vegas?

Who owns Blue Martini Vegas?

Byron Gardiner –
Byron Gardiner – owner – Blue Martini | LinkedIn.

What happened Blue Martini?

Acquisition history: In March 2005, Blue Martini Software was acquired by Multi-Channel Holdings, Inc., a privately held Golden Gate Capital portfolio company which also owned Ecometry Corporation. merged to form Escalate Retail. In February 2011, Escalate Retail was acquired by RedPrairie Corporation.

How much does it cost to get into Blue Martini?

On Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, ladies get in for free. For men and women on all other nights, expect a fair cover charge at just $10 for locals, and $20 for out-of-state guests….Blue Martini Review.

PHONE: (702) 949-2583
Dress Code: Nightlife attire is required.
Line Wait: Up to half an hour.

Why did Blue Martini close?

Blue Martini, an upscale bar and club on Bay Street at International Plaza in Tampa, will close this month after a spokeswoman said that officials could not negotiate the terms for a new lease with Taubman Centers, the Michigan-based company that owns and operates International Plaza.

How much is a table at Blue Martini Las Vegas?

The table prices at Blue Martini range between $250 to $750. The average table at Blue Martini will cost around $300. On most events, with a budget of $300, you will be able to reserve the table Discotech Special #2 for up to 5 guests.

Is Blue Martini Plano still open?

This Blue Martini location has closed. Please stay tuned for upcoming Blue Martini locations on our website.

Can you wear hats in Blue Martini?

Can you wear blue martini jeans? 7 answer. No hats, sportswear, camouflage, ripped jeans, men’s sandals. Women can wear whatever they want.

Does Blue Martini have food?

Serves up to 25 people Assorted Mini Fancy Pastries -or- Assorted mini Cheesecakes Our Delectable Desserts may vary upon location. Additional Selections may be available.

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