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Who made Winchester 101?

Who made Winchester 101?

Olin Kodensha
The Select 101 is the modern incarnation of Winchester’s legendary and beloved 101, which was made in Japan by Olin Kodensha from 1963-87. It was available in 12-, 20- and 28-gauge in many different configurations, including field grade, Pigeon Grade and Diamond Grade.

Does the Winchester 101 have a mechanical trigger?

My four 101s all have mechanical triggers; 2 late production XTR Pigeon grades, 1 early production plane Jane (but beautifully made) field grade, and 1 Winchester Classic Doubles 101 (which has stunning wood for a Grade I gun).

How big is the barrel on a Winchester 101?

Since you didn’t steer me wrong with the Beretta I would value your opinion about the Winchester 101’s. I own a 12 gauge Model 101 XTR lightweight with 27″ winchoke barrels…weighs about 7 lbs. I have owned this gun for about 10 years and have not used it very much.

When did the Winchester 101 game Gun come out?

The Winchester 101 entered a production run which started in 1963 and went on for over 20 years. It was initially just produced in a game version (which was marketed as the Field in the USA), and the example pictured appears to have been made towards the middle of production as Winchester eventually introduced multichoke models during the 1970s.

Is the Winchester 101 sub-gauge shotgun good for hunting?

The sub-gauge 101s are commanding a very nice price on the used market- far better than they did when new. I think that your 101 would be just great for wild quail and pheasant. They are great in the field and adequately light for a good bit of carrying.

Where did the Winchester 101 pigeon gauge shotgun come from?

At the time, there was a small company, FCI, in Victoria, Tex., that had an inventory of Winchester 101 Pigeon Grade Featherweights in all four gauges. The pictures were nice, showing well-figured wood with a generous checkering pattern. These shotguns came with screw-in chokes, solving that dilemma.

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