Who killed Alex father in Nikita?

Who killed Alex father in Nikita?

During Nikita’s time in Division , she was once on an operation were they raided the Udinov . Knowing that one of the targets was a child, Nikita couldn’t bring herself to kill a child. So, during the raid Nikita rushed to Alex’s room, but killed the father, saving Alex at the cost of her father’s life.

Who is Richard Ellison in Nikita?

David Keith
Richard Ellison was a Division agent….Richard Ellison.

Richard Elison
Biographical information
Portrayed by David Keith
First Appeared 343 Walnut Lane
Status Deceased by Nikita

What did Amanda do to Alex?

This leads to her shooting Ryan and breaking down; a flashback reveals that Amanda tortured Alex in South Ossetia, brainwashing her in an attempt to take down Division from within. After regaining her composure she tells Rachel to take the fall and concocts a cover story to protect her own cover.

What happened to Jaden in Nikita?

Jaden was killed by Nathan.

Why does Nikita only have 6 episodes season 4?

Picking up Nikita almost guaranteed a fourth season so enough episodes could be produced for syndication, and that’s where things become complicated. Nikita got that fourth (and final) season, but just for six episodes.

Is Richard really Nikita’s father?

It is revealed that Percy knows about the father and has Amanda send a strike team to Richard’s home; he, Michael and Nikita escape to Birkhoff’s home. However, it is revealed that Richard is not Nikita’s father; he is a Division plant assigned to take back the black box.

Who is Nikita’s father?

Gary Mears

Nikita Mears
Biographical information
Family members Michael Bishop (husband) Gary Mears (foster father, deceased) Caroline Mears (foster mother, deceased) Anh Pham (biological mother, deceased) Daniel Monroe (fiancé, deceased) Max (step-son)
Loyalty Team Nikita New Division (formerly) Division (formerly, before Pilot

Who is amandas mole in Nikita Season 3?

Birkhoff tells Nikita that Sonya is Amanda’s mole and not only has Amanda reactivated Sonya’s kill chip but she also placed a second mole in Division to keep an eye on her. Nikita, Michael and Ryan devise a plan to use Sonya to ferret out Amanda’s hiding place and Birkhoff sets a trap for the second mole.

Who killed Percy in Nikita?

Percival Rose
Biographical information
Status Deceased (killed by Nikita)
Died Homecoming
Division Rank Founder, Director

Is there a season 5 of Nikita?

Nikita’s farewell season has an official launch date. The erstwhile Division team will kick off its six-episode final mission on Friday, Nov. 22 at 9/8c.

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