Who is the lowest player in football?

Who is the lowest player in football?

10 shortest football players of all-time

  • Rui Gil Soares de Barros – 1.6m.
  • Levi Porter – 1.6m.
  • Maximiliano Nicolás Moralez – 1.6m.
  • Madson Formagini Caridade – 1.6m.
  • Benedict Vilakazi – 1.57m.
  • Samuel Peter Lee – 1.57m.
  • Jafal Rashed Al-Kuwari – 1.55m.
  • Marcin Garuch – 1.55m.

How tall is l Traore?

2.03 m
Lacina Traoré/Height

Lacina Emeghara Traoré (born 20 May 1990) is an Ivorian professional footballer who last played as a forward for Turkish club Bandırmaspor. He is nicknamed “The Big Tree”, due to his 2.03m frame, which puts him among the tallest professional footballers.

Are Traore footballers related?

Bertrand is the youngest of four children. The second-eldest, Alain, is also a footballer. He is the cousin of Shakhtar striker Lassina Traoré.

How heavy are Traores?

72 kg
Adama Traoré/Weight

Who is the fattest football player?

With the round face is remembered in a footballer, a huge jowls and 103 kilos weight at its best, Dutch goalkeeper Jeroen Verhoeven’s the fattest player in the world, at least in recent decades. dubbed “Mr Pizza meat Ball”, its physical form is far from being the best in a football player.

What height is Peter Crouch?

2.01 m
Peter Crouch/Height
Mary Hannigan’s Planet Football: Playing a big lad up front, in the form of Peter Crouch (6ft 7in) has paid off quite handsomely for Southampton this season. Even though the team are still struggling he, at least, has managed 13 goals.

What country does Lassina Traore play for?

Burkina Faso
Lassina Chamste Soudine Franck Traoré (born 12 January 2001) is a Burkinabé professional footballer who plays as a forward for Ukrainian club Shakhtar Donetsk in the Ukrainian Premier League and the Burkina Faso national team.

What team does Adama Traore play for?

Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.#37 / Forward
Spain national football team#20 / Forward
Adama Traoré/Current teams

What team does Lacina Traore play for?

Ivory Coast national football teamForward
Lacina Traoré/Current teams

Who is the skinniest soccer player?

One fine example of a soccer player who is tall but skinny is Peter Crouch – well known to the Premier League but now retired. Peter crouch is 6 foot 7 inches and weighs 165 pounds. Using the formula that we used before, we can calculate that his BMI is 18.5! Making him the skinniest soccer player.

How much did Lacina Traore cost Anzhi Makhachkala?

On 29 June 2012, Anzhi reported that they had signed Lacina Traoré for an undisclosed fee. Media reports estimated the transfer fee to be around €18 million. Upon joining the club, Traoré was given number 19 shirt and aimed to make the club very successful in the near future.

When did Traore score his first goal for Anzhi?

Traoré scored his first goal for the club against former club Kuban Krasnodar on 22 July, scoring the winner for Anzhi in the 43rd minute. In Anzhi’s first European campaign in nine years, the club played its first match in the qualification round against AZ and scored in a 1–0.

When was Lacina Traore voted Player of the Month?

By May, Traoré was voted player of the month by the club for his recent good performance. His further good performance earned him player of month in September and November.

When did Lacina Traore play for Ivory Coast?

Traoré was involved in Ivory Coast’s successful 2011 CAF U-23 Championship qualification campaign. Traoré scored against Liberia U23 in a 4–0 win. He was also named in the Ivory Coast squad for the final stage of the tournament, which acted as CAF’s qualification for the Summer Olympics football tournament.

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