Who is the CEO of Stabilo?

Who is the CEO of Stabilo?

Sebastian Schwanhäußer
As Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sebastian Schwanhäußer is responsible for the group’s entire business together with Martin Reim as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). at STABILO in 1996 as ‘Director of International Marketing’ and has been a member of the STABILO executive board since 2013.

What is the company Stabilo?

Schwan-STABILO is a German maker of pens for writing, colouring and cosmetics as well as markers and highlighters for office use. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of highlighter pens, Stabilo Boss.

Why is Stabilo logo a swan?

Ten years later, the company was purchased by Gustav Schwanhäusser. Taking the first part from the family name, the company was renamed “Schwan Bleistift Fabrik” and started using the swan logo as one of the earliest trademarks. The swan was also chosen to symbolise the values of purity and beauty.

Is Stabilo a French company?

Our products, which are manufactured in Weißenburg (Germany), Český Krumlov (Czech Republic) and Johor Bahru (Malaysia), are available worldwide in more than 180 countries.

Where are Stabilo pens made?

Weißenburg, Germany
Most of the ink-based pens are made in Weißenburg, Germany ( These include popular STABILO products such as BOSS ORIGINAL, point 88 or the STABILO worker. Most of the wooden STABILO pencils are manufactured in Cesky Krumlov (, also to the highest standards.

Who founded Stabilo?

Gunter Schwanhäusser
Gunter Schwanhäusser helped change human reading behaviour when he launched his brand of fluorescent pen in the 1970s. He did not invent the highlighter — that was the work of Japanese inventor Yukio Horie in 1962 — but he saw its huge potential when he founded the Stabilo Boss.

Who founded STABILO?

What has the German company Schwan Stabilo also known as Stabilo been manufacturing since 1855?

The Schwan-Stabilo Group is a German corporate group based in Heroldsberg. Established in 1855, the company is made up of two private manufacturing companies, “Schwan Cosmetics International GmBH” (maker of cosmetics) and “Stabilo International GmbH” (maker of stationery products).

Who owns Faber Castell?

Since 2017, the company has been managed by a Board of Directors. Stefan Leitz is CEO; the other members are Constantin Neubeck (CFO) and Simon Hauser (CTO).

Who is the CEO of Schwan Stabilo group?

The Schwan-STABILO Group is setting the course for its future and restructures its management. Sebastian Schwanhäußer, former executive shareholder and member of the founding family, is appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company Group.

Who is the parent company of Stabilo International?

STABILO International GmbH is part of the Schwan-STABILO Group. The internationally active company has three independent business areas cosmetics, writing and outdoor. Schwan Cosmetics is a leading private label manufacturer of cosmetic pencils and products worldwide.

What kind of pens does Schwan Stabilo make?

Schwan-STABILO is a German maker of pens for writing, colouring and cosmetics as well as markers and highlighters for office use.

How many employees does Stabilo pens and pencils have?

STABILO is part of the Schwan-STABILO Group. With more than 1,500 employees, we manufacture our customers’ favorite pens and pencils for highlighting, sketching, writing and coloring.

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