Who is on the 100 peso bill?

Who is on the 100 peso bill?

president Manuel A. Roxas
The Philippine one hundred-peso note (Filipino: Sandaang Piso) (₱100) is a denomination of Philippine currency. Philippine president Manuel A. Roxas is currently featured on the front side of the bill, while the Mayon Volcano and the whale shark (locally known as butanding) are featured on the reverse side.

What color is the 100 peso bill?

New Generation Currency Series (current)

Value Dimensions (millimetres) Main Color
₱100 160 × 66 Violet
Violet (mauve)
₱200 Green

How can you tell if a 100 peso bill is real?

Watermark: The face of the bill should be present on the right side of the banknote as a faint shadow. Security Fiber: The paper used for printing money is blended with other fibers and textiles for a sturdier finish that is difficult to replicate. If you see tiny lines on your cash, those are security fibers.

What does a 100 peso bill look like?

The bill has a vertical format and unique security elements Featuring the likeness of 17th century feminist poet and nun Sister Juana Inés de la Cruz on one side and an image of monarch butterflies in a pine, oak and fir forest on the other, the predominantly red-colored note is made of polymer rather than paper.

Who is in the 1 peso bill?

José Rizal
The Philippine one-peso note (₱1) was a denomination of Philippine currency. On its final release, José Rizal was featured on the front side of the bill, while the Declaration of the Philippine Independence was featured on the reverse side….Philippine one-peso note.

Design date 1969

How can you tell fake money?

To spot counterfeits, look for the absence of features like security threads, UV properties, watermarks, color shifting inks, and others. Security Threads: Since 2004, all bills $5 and larger have a clear thread embedded vertically in the bill that is visible when held up to the light.

How can you tell if pesos are fake?

  1. Pay Attention to the Color and Serial Number. Compared to real peso bills, fake ones would either be lighter or brighter in color.
  2. Check the Texture.
  3. Look for Raised Text and Images.
  4. Try Damaging the Bill.
  5. Check for the Watermark.
  6. Check Security Thread.
  7. Mind the Hologram.
  8. Look at the Serial Number.

Is Philippine peso freely convertible?

Since the exchange rate is free-floating, the rate will change by the day, and even by the minute. Assume that the traveler checks the exchange rate and it is 52.27 USD/PHP. That means it costs 52.27 PHP to buy one USD, or, alternatively, you get 52.27 PHP for each USD.

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