Who is Nia Rileys baby father?

Who is Nia Rileys baby father?

Her father is famous rapper Teddy Riley. Nia’s daughter is called Kamryn. It is unclear if Soulja Boy is the father – other reports suggest he could be NBA star Al Horford. Nia previously suffered a miscarriage on the reality show – at the time Soulja Boy (who she calls Dre) offered her no support.

Is Deja Riley Teddy Riley’s daughter?

Teddy Riley’s daughters Deja Riley, Taja Riley, and Bobbie Riley have create their own girl group titled R I L E Y., and the ladies have teamed up with 2 Chainz for their debut track, “PoundFRANK,” from their forthcoming EP titled “Bermuda,” which is scheduled to drop in 2016.

Who is Nia Riley parents?

Teddy Riley
Nia Riley/Parents
Her father is Grammy Award-winning singer Teddy Riley. She came in the public eye through her relationship with Soulja Boy, who has been dating on-and-off since 2006. She has a daughter, Kamyrn, from a previous relationship, born in 2013.

Who is Nia Riley daughter by?

Kamryn Riley
Nia Riley/Daughters

Did Nia Riley date Lil Fizz?

Nia Riley has not been linked to anyone since breaking up with Soulja Boy, and Fizz has been keeping a low profile when it comes to dating. While the dating rumors have yet to be confirmed, it is likely that Nia and Fizz have hit things off.

When did Nia Riley have a miscarriage?

Nia Riley Claims Rapper Soulja Boy Caused Her To Miscarry Child At 15-Weeks – All About Laughs.

How old is Teddy Riley?

54 years (October 8, 1967)
Teddy Riley/Age

Did Nia gain weight?

But fans got a really good glimpse at her in one particular scene on tonight’s episode of the hit VH1 series and they all noticed the same thing — Nia’s recent weight gain.

Who is Soulja Boy’s ex?

– Soulja Boy’s Ex Nai Riley Reacts To News Of His “(Jane Doe) and (DeAndre Way) first began their on-and-off romantic relationship in 2007,” the lawsuit states.

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