Who is Henry Field?

Who is Henry Field?

Henry Field, the anthropologist who served as a Presidential adviser to Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman and was credited with finding the oldest existing wheel, died Saturday at Coral Gables Hospital after suffering sudden respiratory arrest. He was 83 years old.

What happened to Henry Field’s?

Amfac, Inc. purchased Henry Field’s in 1981. Field’s customer list, when combined with that of Gurney’s (which Amfac, Inc. acquired the year prior), eventually became the Amfac, Inc. Mail-Order Division.

Who owns Newgate Farm?

Henry Field
It’s Possible. Newgate Farm was founded by Henry Field in 2010 with only a handful of mares on a 250 acre leased property.

Who owns Written Tycoon?

Iskander Racing et

Written Tycoon
Owner Iskander Racing et al.
Trainer Grahame Begg (2005) John O’Shea (2006-2007)
Record 11: 2-3-0
Earnings A$289,325

Who owns China Horseclub?

Teo Ah Khing
The China Horse Club (CHC) was established by its Founder and Chairman, Teo Ah Khing, to be Asia’s premier lifestyle, business and thoroughbred racing club.

Who owns WinStar Farms?

Kenny Troutt
WinStar Farm is an American Thoroughbred horse breeding and racing farm near Versailles, Kentucky, owned by Kenny Troutt….WinStar Farm.

Stallion barn at WinStar Farm
Racing colors of WinStar Farm
Key people Kenny Troutt Bill Casner (founding owners) Kenny Troutt (current owner)

Who owned justify the horse?

WinStar Farm
Justify (horse)

Color Chestnut
Breeder John D. Gunther
Owner WinStar Farm (Majority Owner), China Horse Club, Head of Plains Partners, Starlight Racing
Trainer Bob Baffert

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