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Who is chameleon in Uganda?

Who is chameleon in Uganda?

Jackson Mayanja
Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone’s health condition could be ‘dire’, his younger brother has claimed. Chameleone, born Jackson Mayanja, and considered one of the most popular and talented musicians in Africa, has been spotted in and out of Kampala-based hospitals in the past few weeks.

How old is Joseph chameleon?

42 years (April 30, 1979)
Jose Chameleone/Age

Where does Jose Chameleon come from?

Jose Chameleone/Place of birth

What is the real name of Jose Chameleon?

Joseph Mayanja
Jose Chameleone/Full name
Joseph Mayanja, better known by the stage name Jose Chameleone (born 30 April 1979), is a Ugandan AfroBeat artist and musician.

Who is the wife of Jose Chameleon?

Daniella Mayanjam. 2008
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Who is Bosmic OTIM?

William Otim also known as Bosmic Otim or Lucky Bosmic Otim is a Ugandan musician and politician, born and raised in Gulu. He became a peace maker through his music in 2006, when National Resistance Movement was fighting with Lord’s Resistance Army. He won the 2007 Pearl of Africa Music Awards.

When did Chameleon release his first song?

Chameleone’s career began at a young age in 1996 as a DJ at the Missouri night club in Kampala. He was later signed to the Kenyan record label Ogopa DJs, where he broke through with his first single, “Bageya” that featured Kenyan artist Redsan. His first album, Bageya, was released in 2000.

Is Chameleon still with Daniella?

Daniella is currently based in the USA where she lives together with all their children in the house Chameleone bought in 2018. In the audio, she noted that she cannot be his wife anymore. It is over.

Is Chameleon still with Danielle?

Singer Jose Chameleon on Sunday, September 16 took to social media to announce the end of his marriage in the most dramatic of ways.

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