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Who founded Onfido?

Who founded Onfido?

Husayn Kassai
Husayn Kassai, co-founder of Onfido, said: “This is an important moment for Onfido. When I founded the company in 2012 with Eamon and Ruhul, we raised just $20k of funding to build the new identity standard for the internet.

Who is the CEO of Onfido?

Mike Tuchen –
Mike Tuchen – Chief Executive Officer – Onfido | LinkedIn.

When was Onfido founded?

July 2012

What does Onfido stand for?

Onfido (pronounced “On-Feed-Oh”) helps businesses prove their users’ real identities through its online platform. If a person has a smartphone with a built-in camera, Onfido is able to use it to compare and cross-reference a person’s facial biometrics with their identity document, such as driver’s license.

What companies use Onfido?

Companies Currently Using Onfido

Company Name Website Employees
President’s Choice Financial pcfinancial.ca From 1,000 to 4,999
revolut revolut.com From 200 to 499
Novus novus.ac.uk From 1,000 to 4,999
Novus novus.com From 50 to 199

Who uses Onfido limited?

With over 400 employees, Onfido has raised $200m in funding and powers over 1,500 customers worldwide including companies like Curve, HSBC, Revolut and Zipcar.

Is Onfido genuine?

Founded in Oxford in 2012 by Husayn Kassai, Eamon Jubbawy and Ruhul Amin, Onfido now helps over 1,500 companies verify their users. Onfido’s technology then checks their ID is genuine, compares facial similarity and cross references the ID against international watchlists.

What is Onfido real identity?

The Onfido Real Identity Platform helps businesses to Verify, Validate, and Authenticate their customers’ real identities through digital channels, and to keep those customers coming back seamlessly and securely. All their customers need is an ID and their face.

What companies use Onfido limited?

What is the purpose of the company Onfido?

Onfido is a technology company designed to automate the process of identity verification. Onfido digitally proves a user’s real identity using AI technology, by verifying their photo ID and comparing it to their facial biometrics.

How did Kassai and Jubbawy start Onfido?

Kassai met Jubbawy when they co-ran the university’s Oxford Entrepreneurs society. At one point, the three entered discussions of forming a new company after they had identified the inefficient process of getting identity checks completed in order to secure jobs in the finance industry.

How does Onfido do Right to work checks?

It uses manual and automated machine learning technologies, including optical character recognition and face detection, to verify the passport or ID card of an applicant to prevent fraud. Onfido also conducts right to work, PEP and sanctions checks using multiple data sources.

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