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Who did Pat Quinn run against?

Who did Pat Quinn run against?

On October 27, 2017, Quinn announced he would run for Illinois Attorney General in the 2018 election. Quinn was generally regarded as the most well-known candidate in the race, however he narrowly lost the nomination to State Senator Kwame Raoul on March 20, 2018.

When was the last gubernatorial election in Illinois?

The 2018 Illinois gubernatorial election took place on November 6, 2018, to elect the Governor of Illinois, concurrently with the 2018 Illinois general election and other midterm elections.

Who is the Governor in 2014?

List of Governors of States as on 03/07/2014

Sl.No. Name of the State Name of the Governor
09. Himachal Pradesh Smt. Urmila Singh
10. Jammu & Kashmir Shri Narinder Nath Vohra
11. Jharkhand Dr. Syed Ahmed
12. Karnataka Shri K. Rosaiah

How many terms can a Governor serve in Illinois?

Governor of Illinois
Seal of the State of Illinois
Incumbent J. B. Pritzker since January 14, 2019
Residence Illinois Governor’s Mansion
Term length Four years, no term limits

Who was Rod Blagojevich Governor?

Rod Blagojevich
In office January 13, 2003 – January 29, 2009
Lieutenant Pat Quinn
Preceded by George Ryan
Succeeded by Pat Quinn

Is Pat Quinn dead?

November 23, 2014
Pat Quinn/Date of death

How often does Illinois call for a new constitution?

Article XIV requires that Illinois voters be asked at least every 20 years if they desire a constitutional convention.

When did Illinois became a state?

December 3, 1818
Illinois/Statehood granted

What is the order of gubernatorial succession in Illinois?

GUBERNATORIAL SUCCESSION (a) In the event of a vacancy, the order of succession to the office of Governor or to the position of Acting Governor shall be the Lieutenant Governor, the elected Attorney General, the elected Secretary of State, and then as provided by law.

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